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  1. Rainbow Trout

    Alright no more messing around. This is my final entry into the contest. Top picture was taken in indoor lighting, bottom natural light/outdoors.
  2. S Crank Blanks

    how nice of them -,-
  3. S Crank Blanks

    Not sure if it was made public information, but they won't be available to us painters anymore, as megabass has put a patent in on that bait design. I am selfishly hoarding all the ones I have previously purchased for that reason ;P
  4. Pre-clear coat

    thank you!
  5. S-Cranks

    Bass Candy (top) Semi-transparent Crappie (bottom)
  6. Pre-clear coat

    Just a little something I worked up yesterday. One of my favorite patterns for my state waters has got to be Rainbow Trout.
  7. DCB D65 Bionic Ghost Shad

    if you're referring to the black scale detail its all done before painting. The rest is just color layers
  8. Pop-Max Blue Gill

    why thank you! I usually add this much glitter when I think the paint job is rather boring and it needs an extra kick
  9. micro bait

    fastback green is one of my favorite colors!
  10. yellow perch

  11. Pop-Max Blue Gill

    thank you!
  12. Pop-Max Blue Gill

    Brushed on! After i get an initial coat of epoxy on I put a bunch of glitter in the same cup with the same batch of clear coat then slathered it across the top of the bait!
  13. Possible New Clear Coat

    Has anyone used this that has previously used BSI 20 minute cure? One of the things I like about my current epoxy is the durability and curing time, the working time however lends to some product waste if I don't get it used all in time. Right now I can ship my lures 48 hours after clear coating, I try and stick with the fastest turnover time mixed with a durable clear coat as I get really busy and can only turn about 10 lures at a time. I also can't stand a clear coat that chips down to the paint, which I don't get with BSI. Just wondering if the extra day it needs to cure is worth it in order to replace the BSI 20 minute cure, and if the overall results are that much different/better. Thanks!
  14. Pop-Max Blue Gill

    One thing I do with most of my blue gill's is heavily coat the top side with purple glitter. I like sparkle...