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  1. Venutian_Lures

    2018 Coolest Lure Contest Results!

    I didn't even think I would place! Wow thank you!
  2. Airbrushed body with hand painted dots.
  3. Venutian_Lures

    Rainbow Trout

    Alright no more messing around. This is my final entry into the contest. Top picture was taken in indoor lighting, bottom natural light/outdoors.
  4. Venutian_Lures

    S Crank Blanks

    how nice of them -,-
  5. Venutian_Lures

    S Crank Blanks

    Not sure if it was made public information, but they won't be available to us painters anymore, as megabass has put a patent in on that bait design. I am selfishly hoarding all the ones I have previously purchased for that reason ;P
  6. Venutian_Lures

    Pre-clear coat

    thank you!
  7. Venutian_Lures


    Bass Candy (top) Semi-transparent Crappie (bottom)
  8. Venutian_Lures

    Pre-clear coat

    Just a little something I worked up yesterday. One of my favorite patterns for my state waters has got to be Rainbow Trout.
  9. Venutian_Lures

    DCB D65 Bionic Ghost Shad

    if you're referring to the black scale detail its all done before painting. The rest is just color layers
  10. Venutian_Lures

    Pop-Max Blue Gill

    why thank you! I usually add this much glitter when I think the paint job is rather boring and it needs an extra kick
  11. Venutian_Lures

    micro bait

    fastback green is one of my favorite colors!
  12. Venutian_Lures

    yellow perch

  13. Venutian_Lures

    Pop-Max Blue Gill

    thank you!
  14. Venutian_Lures

    Pop-Max Blue Gill

    Brushed on! After i get an initial coat of epoxy on I put a bunch of glitter in the same cup with the same batch of clear coat then slathered it across the top of the bait!