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  1. AZ Fisher

    Amazon KBS clear coat yellow tint

    Here are the responses to my ?, from the KBS help desk at " Has your Diamond clear been recently reformulated? In some fishing forums, reports of new yellowish tinted Diamond Clear have been popping up. My Diamond Clear from a couple years ago yellowed when older. my recent can from Oct. was crystal clear. Rumor is the new formula is more shelf stable but has a yellow tint to it. If it's still Diamond Clear, why does it have a yellow tint. Could you please set me straight on this matter, thank you for your time, Will " Kbs help desk response, "Thank you for contacting KBS.... Yes DiamondFinish Clear can sometimes appear slightly yellow when looking at it in the can. The slight yellow is a UV Stabilizer enhancement. You will never see the slight yellow when the product is actually applied at the 5-10 mils Dry Film Thickness as it will appear completely clear even over a brilliant white surface. Thanks for contacting KBS..." My follow up response: "Thanks for your reply. So this isn't a new formula, just a UV enhancer turning yellow or is it now being produced new, from the factory with a yellow tint? Thanks again, Will" KBS response: "Yes, it is the same Diamondfinish Clear formula with a UV enhancer. We have tested it extensively and you can not see it once it has been applied and cured. That said, we may take this enhancement away because it does seem to cause confusion for customers when they see it in the can. Thank you so much..." I guess it depends on how you look at their response. I feel I asked twice if the new stuff was being produced with a yellow tint, with no clear answer other than don't mind the man behind the curtain. In the grand scheme I guess a little yellow doesn't matter much... but it used to be clear, is advertised as crystal clear and now isn't. I guess it's up to the individual consumer if it's cool with them, lots of stuff out there. Forgive me if I seem cynical, been dealing with double talking health ins industry people, well you know...
  2. AZ Fisher

    New to lure making, creating plastic molds.

    Welcome! I've never made that style of bait but I learned a lot from watching Larry's how to videos. Lots of info on different lure making processes. Hope this helps some.
  3. AZ Fisher

    Amazon KBS clear coat yellow tint

    My old KBS turned that color when it got old, my recent can from LPO was the clear stuff and I had to destroy the can to get it open. Hadn't heard of a new formula, when was this released, anyone know?
  4. AZ Fisher

    Swimbait tails This is how Toxic Baits sends his stuff out.
  5. AZ Fisher

    Swimbait tails

  6. AZ Fisher

    wrap for stripes on bluegill baits

    That just looks like a stencil made those stripes. I think she cuts those out of cardboard. Pellon or wonder web looks more like this 1.5. I shot the black over the other colors after wrapping the bait in the material. You can get Pellon material at Wally World or just save your dryer sheets when your done with them and shoot thru them, it works cool and it's free. You could wrap the bait with the WW and then place a stencil over it a shoot for a cool effect. I shot these gill's stripes with Darise mesh under a stencil.
  7. AZ Fisher

    Mustad KVD Triple Grip Hooks
  8. AZ Fisher

    Rotissiere motor

    These are what I have been using...if you search a little I'm sure there is a 7-8 rpm as well, hope this helps
  9. AZ Fisher

    Merry Christmas & New Years

    and from the desert...
  10. AZ Fisher

    Deps slide swimmer clearcoat

    I did some more searching on Swimbait Underground. It seems most are not clear coating the silicone shell. Just painting to outer shell and going with it. Several threads about how someone tried to clear with epoxy and it never dried/cured and remained sticky. I thought I had read before somewhere where someone was having luck painting these with a lacquer based paint, don't know if they cleared them or not. Supposedly the lacquer paint chemically adhered better to the silicone shell, don't know if it's true and can't seem to find that info again . Many are stripping the paint from the outer skin, adding foil or paint to the hardbody underneath, replacing the shell and a small amount of detail to the outer shell.
  11. AZ Fisher

    Deps slide swimmer clearcoat

    Here's a couple things from Youtube on 250's
  12. AZ Fisher

    Looking for brass rattles!

    This is the only place I have seen them. You might post this in the Wire Baits forum for more info.
  13. AZ Fisher

    Transparent Urethane Fins? I saw this stuff, but I'm not ready to rob a bank!
  14. AZ Fisher

    Transparent Urethane Fins?

    I think I have seen Youtube vids where someone tinted the Flex products with soft plastic colorants. I'm going to attempt to make a smoke colored tail soon with this method.
  15. AZ Fisher

    hot stamping holographic foil for fishing lure

    I am talking about these type of injected blanks. Anything from crankbaits and jerkbaits to topwater poppers is what I would like to learn how to apply the foil to. I have had only moderate success using the glue.