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  1. I make resin baits. I bend the shaft of the eyescrew 90*, then place they eye in the appropriate slot in the bottom of the mold and pour the resin in. The resin sets around the eyescrew. The eye of the screw eye will fail before it would ever pull out out of the bait unless you hit it and crack the bait somehow. I've even done this with 3/4 inch .092 hardware, and they stay put. Not sure if this applies to what you are trying to accomplish.
  2. Cut the lip slot when you still have the square ends attached to the body, right after it comes of the lathe. I use a table saw. If you already have round bodies now, I would use BobP's method to orient your slot and use a bandsaw or a small hand saw to cut the lipslot.
  3. This stuff will work, but it takes some work. This stuff is covered with glitter that sheds on everything it touches. You really need to almost, roll it up or wad it up, rub it between your hands and smash it together to get all the glitter off so it's usuable without shedding. It's also only two inches wide so you are limited as to what baits it can be wrapped around and clipped underneath. Larger baits would have to be sandwiched between two pieces if trying to spray both sides at the same time. The darice comes in a 6 inch wide roll giving a little more flexibility for usea
  4. The answer is at your local fabric store or a Hobby lobby. There are numbers of materials that will give a similar effect. Try wired edge ribbon or Wonder Web. Used dryer sheets can be wrapped around a bait and shot thru. The silver stuff in the pic is what I use the most and can't remember the name of it, darine or darcine, something like that, maybe someone else knows the name. I suggest looking thru the fabric until you find something you think will work for you. I've found stuff at Wallyworld as well. Not a great pic but gives an example of a couple baits.
  5. It's one of three to be stripped, sanded and repainted this winter, all trout. Actually just sold the two on the left today...
  6. The red things on the assist line are something similar to shrink tubing that keeps the line snug in the groove. I've never had an issue with the line pulling out on mine. I even have a Negociator bottom hook that was converted to a top hook, homemade version and it holds well.
  7. There is a recessed groove in the top of the bait that the hooks and assist line are pressed into and it fits fairly snug. There is enough slack line in between the sections as not to hinder the glide.
  8. White/Chartruse back, shad of any kind, bone and gill colors for me
  9. Sorry, I don't know about a ratio for soft plastics. I've been using the microballoons for floatation in casting resin baits. I would ask about a MB ratio in the soft plastics forum. I'm sure someone there can point you the right direction...
  10. The OP has not been on this forum for 6 years...
  11. I've had great service from them as well, good prices on paints when you can buy larger sizes...
  12. This stuff is no worse than KBS odorwise IMO, I wear a respirator for both, I do spray outside. I was aways hesitant as well, but more from a clean-up standpoint, having to use lacquer thinner to clean everything up.. Easier to work with, with the exception of dipping, shelf stable, mix 2:1 , mix only as much as you need, spray lite tack coat and then spray several heavier coats, 10 min between coats. No rotating needed and it's cheaper than KBS in the long run and you don't have to worry about it "Going off", no Bloxygen needed. Now it does cost more up front than a quart of KBS, but long
  13. I've used Spraymax 1K before on a soft bait with success, I'm sure it would work on a hardbait. I also use a HF small gravity HVLP gun to spray auto clear with great results and they're pretty cheap, I think $10 with a coupon. Sounds real cheap but they work...
  14. RIP SurfK9, Sadly Michel passed away a couple weeks ago. His motto was something we can all get behind, he always signed off with "Go Fish!" Didn't mean to hijack thread...
  15. https://store.makelure.com/umr-12oz.aspx
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