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  1. I've used Folkart crackle medium brand from Hobby Lobby with good results.
  2. Wear it, cheap insurance...
  3. I use the green Gerson respirator ( #8311P) from Harbor Freight. Got a new one this month with the coupon for about 13$. I can't smell any KBS, Xylene, epoxy or body filler vapors when I wear it. I know there are much, much better and more appropriate ones out there, but for the price and the functionability and the amount I'll need it, it does the job.
  4. You might try posting this in the Wire Baits section, that's where all the jig guys hang out, I think you'll have better luck finding your answer there.
  5. The clear coat we're seeking only exists in mythology....
  6. Thanks, minus the fingerprint!!
  7. AZ Fisher


    8 inch Gizzard shad, foiled resin glide bait, 4.25 oz, with Owner ST-36' hooks and 2X ss split rings, plastisol tail swim vid:
  8. No worries, the search function has a mind of it's own. Here's some other threads pertaining to turners. Maybe there's some info in here that can help...
  9. Guys, this is a five year old thread and the OP has not been on here in 6 months. Whackett, if you want to reach the OP, send him a PM, that way he gets an email notification he has a message. There are several other posts on turners. (Search lure rotisserie) The motor used looks like a 5-6 rpm, 120v microwave motor, they are available on ebay or I find them used, cheap at a local electronics supplier. Hope this helps.
  10. Talent runs in the family obviously, beautiful bait Dan! Can't wait to see what you turn out next!!
  11. Hinkles are extremely weight sensitive. The concern with epoxying a Hinkle is the textured scale surface will trap E-tex in the scale pattern and add too much weight. I make a similar size glide and when I dip each half in KBS clear, it adds approx 1 gram of weight to each section of the bait for each dip, and my baits are smooth sided. Couple extra grams and the bait won't swim right. On one of my glides, the difference between slow and fast sink is about a gram. I would spray it with a couple light coats of a sprayable clear so you don't add too much weight. You don't want a bottom rocket. Foil could be problematic because the bait is not flat but has texture, getting a large amount of foil to stick could be hard. You may be able to get foil to stick to the flat, back edges of the scales. Never heard of holo mist, some pearl paint or iridescent highlights would be nice, maybe lay some color shift paint over the dark back of the bait. IMHO, Hinkles drawing power is not as much the paint, but the glide and the amount of water it moves. Andrew has always had kind of a subdued paint job compared to many other makers. I believe to take the bait apart, carefully remove the dorsal fin or peel back the front of the fin. You may have to cut it out with a razor knife. There should be a hinge pin under the fin, if you can get the pin out the bait will come apart. Try not to tear up the fin, although I have seen fin kits avail. If you can't get the bait apart, would def use a spray clear, don't want any epoxy in the joint. Hope this helps and good luck, Hinkles are awesome baits!!
  12. Hate snakes, most around here have a rattle, awesome bait tho!! Do you have a swim vid anywhere? Love to see it.
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