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  1. In my experience, the amount and size of the cracking is more related to the viscosity of the topcoat paint. The thicker the paint and the more applied, the larger the cracking will be. In your pic it looks like the white was thicker, as opaque white usually is, and the black was a thinner coat or had been reduced. Do some practicing on some scrap pvc until you get the consistency you're looking for. Opaques crack better than pearls, candies and transparents, My .02
  2. Mark, I made a similar sized resin bait, 6 inch, 4.6 oz. I've had great luck with a Dobyns 806 rod, rated at 2-8 oz. I have a bad back and still manage to throw it most of the day. If you stand to fish, try a kind of underhand side lob cast, seems to help me some. American Legacy fishing has a 20% sale often and if you sign up for the email list, you can get another 10% off, a Dobyns Fury series 806 was about $95 shipped with discounts, great rod for the price. Don't give up on your bait, if it looks and swims like your other baits it will get crushed. Paint and clear on a bait that size shouldn't add more than 6-8 grams or so. Something that size will move a lot of water and attract some really big fish. You don't have to bomb the bait out there either, I do a lot of shorter roll casts to and past cover that are effective. Finish it, fish it and post some pics of the giants you catch!!
  3. I use these for larger baits, 6-10 inch, don't know if they would be available to you thru HF, I take the magnifying glass off and add another alligator clip. https://www.harborfreight.com/helping-hands-60501.html
  4. My .02 Buy quality airbrush paint and reducer to start with and stay away from craft paint and homemade reducers. Ya they cost more but you will reduce you're learning curve greatly and won't have as many issues. The Neo has a .35 tip and won't shoot craft paint well. I like Createx and Wicked paints and get them from Coast Airbrush, they have decent prices and a lot to choose from. Youtube has vids on painting to help get you started.
  5. I've used a friends Poisentail jig mold for larger sizes, 3/4 and 1oz and added Keitech Fat Impacts as a trailer, worked well for me
  6. I made something similar. I am using a one gallon shop vac and an old metal popcorn tin, the kind you get a Xmas. The vac hose fits snug into the top of a cut off Gatorade bottle, which I epoxied to the can, covering a large exhaust port drilled into the side of the can near the bottom. Drilled a field of small holes in the lid to create the vac table part. I heat the stencil material the same way. I use stencil material from Hobby Lobby, never heard of the plastic plate thing, I've heard of using cut up plastic milk jugs .You have to cut the stencil material fairly large to envelope the entire bait and still cover the table part enough to get sucked down effectively, if that makes any sense. The stencils will need to be trimmed of melted/wrapped flashing and then have the design or effect cut into them. I will make the stencil with the hook hangers in place and then trim the back half of the stencil where the plastic has wrapped around the hanger and is to keep the stencil positioned exact when applying to the lure. I have scratched the underlying paint a number of times when applying the stencil so I tend not to have the stencil wrap beyond the top and bottom of the lure, more like snugging it to the side. Makes nice clean lines.
  7. I'm on FB and I can't access, would love to know more...
  8. Turning allows the clear coat to be cured equally all around the bait, reducing any drips or heavy spots where the clear pools...turning gives a very nice finish...jmo
  9. AZ Fisher

    a-mac shad glide

    Cool shad!!
  10. AZ Fisher

    Imposter and rainbow2.jpg

    Dig the rainbow!
  11. Ironically, both barlows and LPO have dropped the Texas Tackle pliers from their inventory but still carry Xuron...
  12. I'm not familiar with those blanks. Right above this post on the Hardbaits page there is a sticky of a list of blank suppliers, maybe you can find what you need from one of those companies. Dinger and Predator are the best and Shelts and Wlure are at the bottom of the list, IMHO. Here;s a link and the strips https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/searchresults.html#search=products&searchtext=storm suspend dots&opt_page=1&opt_sort=alphaAtoZ&opt_perpage=20
  13. Probably have to make the blanks suspend themselves after paint and clear by tuning with different split rings and hooks and these suspend dots. I use the Storm Suspend Dots and Strips all the time for swimbaits, to get them swimming the want I want, hope this helps
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