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  1. Sorry, I don't know about a ratio for soft plastics. I've been using the microballoons for floatation in casting resin baits. I would ask about a MB ratio in the soft plastics forum. I'm sure someone there can point you the right direction...
  2. The OP has not been on this forum for 6 years...
  3. I've had great service from them as well, good prices on paints when you can buy larger sizes...
  4. This stuff is no worse than KBS odorwise IMO, I wear a respirator for both, I do spray outside. I was aways hesitant as well, but more from a clean-up standpoint, having to use lacquer thinner to clean everything up.. Easier to work with, with the exception of dipping, shelf stable, mix 2:1 , mix only as much as you need, spray lite tack coat and then spray several heavier coats, 10 min between coats. No rotating needed and it's cheaper than KBS in the long run and you don't have to worry about it "Going off", no Bloxygen needed. Now it does cost more up front than a quart of KBS, but long term it's cheaper. I got approx 1 3/4 gal for $150, but I can use evey bit of it with no waste. I wish I hadn't wasted so much time with KBS. It's nowhere close to being as durable as D2T tho...hope this helps... I paint larger resin swimbaits BTW
  5. I've used Spraymax 1K before on a soft bait with success, I'm sure it would work on a hardbait. I also use a HF small gravity HVLP gun to spray auto clear with great results and they're pretty cheap, I think $10 with a coupon. Sounds real cheap but they work...
  6. RIP SurfK9, Sadly Michel passed away a couple weeks ago. His motto was something we can all get behind, he always signed off with "Go Fish!" Didn't mean to hijack thread...
  7. https://store.makelure.com/umr-12oz.aspx
  8. AZ Fisher


    Gill Glide Bait , SS resin, 6 inch and 4.6 oz's. St-36 hooks and 2X SS hardware, Lexan tail, Wicked and Createx paints and high solids Auto clear. Here's a link to the build video for SU.
  9. Deps 250 repaint. Did an acetone strip of the soft body. Foiled the hardbody and repainted soft body. Cleared with SprayMax 1K clear. Swims great and has held up well.
  10. I've used sections of cylindrical dropshot weights slid into holes and epoxied in place. You can cut them to the size you need.
  11. Hey everyone , just a reminder about the lure contest entry rules. ONE entry per category, ONE Photo per entry, collage or a single shot. One of the Mods will now have to go thru and delete those incorrect entries, so you might want to delete your own so you can keep the pic you want. Read the rules please, thanks... some great looking stuff so far !! http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/gallery/category/66-2020-coolest-lure-contest/ Please refer to Rule #3... listed top left corner above photos
  12. Boot style tails are traditionally used on soft baits that are more flexible than wood. If you remove the sides of the tail and create more of a bass/gill vertical tail I think you'll see better action.
  13. I have used everything from the hard end of a walmart cheapy paintbrush, to different type of toothpicks. Best thing I have found was a eye dotter from LPO, makes very clean dots. But for me they were a little large so I used the eye dotter for a few big dots on the back and head and a a pointed toothpick for the rest. Slow and steady wins this race.
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