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  1. Mylar PET Film Tapes are used in the powder coating industry and are available in clear or transparent. Source: ebay and alibaba.com
  2. Mark so you're sayin....go bar hopping very late and get all the nails you want.
  3. Ha ha...Since I retired I've been keeping my habit well fed too! I wondered why I was sleeping better.
  4. Suggestion: Post a picture with length and weight Not everyone is familiar with them but may know of a suitable replacement.
  5. Nice work and good colors. Do you clear coat over the eyes & head?
  6. Yep, remember my favorite Martian?
  7. Depending on the pvc brand; the density can be different which affects the holding strength of the screw eyes. The easiest way to check is to put a screw eye in a scrap piece and pull on it. You could also hang water jugs from the eye and add water till it fails, then weigh the jugs.
  8. Les how deep do you typically fish them? Colors change the deeper you go because more wavelengths are absorbed by the water. Red becomes orange then yellow then green and so on. I remember diving around 60 ft and cutting my hand on coral. I was freaked out when seeing my blood was green. Back on the boat I felt relieved that my blood was a bright red color. Had no idea at the time that depth changes color. Other factors that affect light in the water, which changes the color that fish see. Times that are cloudy vs sunny, calm vs choppy . Calm water reflects light while choppy absorbs light into the water. The time of day affects the angle of the sun; dirty vs jin clear water all affect the amount of light that gets into the water. Les, so whatever your fish sees may not be as Butt Ugly as what we see. This might explain why the same bait works better on different days.
  9. To create air chambers, try going in thru both eyes. Use two stepped core pins with a tapered transition. Core pins are common in the injection mold industry. Pin shape: A larger dia provides the air chamber, a tapered section then a small dia exits the eye. The pin dia for the eye should extend thru the mold which finishes with a large dia pull knob outside the mold. After the frog is molded, pull the pins and remove the molded part. Next attach the 3D eyes. A quick dip in hot plastic seals the eyes.
  10. It looks like the air chambers are actually the hollow front appendages (arms) that are bent closed at the elbow. If the arms were fully extended when molded and molded over dowel pins. They then could be bent closed at the elbow and glued. The whole frog could then be dipped in hot plastic. This would make the arms very durable and further seal the air chambers.
  11. After you apply your tape decal/design. I bet you could dip it in clear PP and bake it successfully. I have done this with 3D eyes and been successful. Tip: To heat for clear PP, just heat near but not on decal .Heat just enough for the PP to stick then flow it out with additional heat.
  12. I like your idea. Are you going to try painting a jig head this way?
  13. Nice one.
  14. Bob would it work if the following mod was done? Close off the existing gate with JB Weld. Machine a new injection port and gate to come in from the right hand side of the picture. Inject the modified mold with the new port positioned at the top.
  15. Post a pic of the mold. Their should be a way to tweak the mold or process to remove the trapped air.