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  1. If you decide to get it; keep us posted whether the action is similar. Look at the link picture. Are their 8 weights (bb's) molded in the bottom?
  2. Too funny.
  3. I like Redheads! (I couldn't resist)
  4. I pour all my molds with a bottom pouring ladle. Probably why I have very few problems pouring.
  5. We're you thinking this one? You could add 1\4oz weight to make it a diver. https://www.wlure.com/products/fishing-lures-blank-minnow-upm514
  6. In addition to properly supporting hook and wire form as toadfrog suggests, I would first blacken the cavities. I always use frankford arsenal drop out mold release but you could blackened cavities with a candle. (Assuming you are using pure lead ) Next pour the mold without the hook or wire form. (You may need to increase your Lee pot temp to completely fill or decrease temp if too much flash.) Keep pouring until the head is completely filled. This indicates that mold and lead are hot enough. You are now ready to add the hook and wire form. Good luck.
  7. How much does he charge for blanks?
  8. I noticed cedarrunoutdoors.com/ is closed. Here's another supplier. http://bustinbassbaits.com/programs/shop/estore.cgi?&keywords=&lst=41&lnd=50&category=Unpainted_Crankbait_Bodies&sortparam=st&sortasc=asc
  9. Couldn't agree more....a very helpful group! Your mod could also be made with longer or shorter posts to accommodate different blade lengths. I'm always interested what others are doing with underspins. Post pictures of your finished work.
  10. Nice mod... this wire form can't pull out. I imagine you close the wire loop after installing the blade. You also said to lay wire in mold with loop closure gap facing forward. This should further prevent loosing the blade.
  11. I don't know if what you posted would work. However Lure Parts Online sells a spray gun for powder paint. http://www.lurepartsonline.com/Online-Store/Paint-Supplies_5/Powder-Paint-Spray-Gun.html
  12. Anglinarcher thanks for noticing my faux pas. I should have opened the link...
  13. FYI .....Lure Parts Online gives a 10% DISCOUNT for the first time you place an order . The code is "TUmember10"
  14. I wouldn't....... been powder painting for a few years and everything I have read said Harbor Freight PP does not work well. So I have stayed clear of this paint. Get Pro-Tec or Automotive type PP you will be happier. Lure Parts Online sells Pro-Tec. http://www.lurepartsonline.com/Online-Store/Powder-Paint/Pro-Tec-Powder-Paint-2oz.html Heat it, dip it, bake it.......check out tutorial. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=o4S6dTxIMtc&feature=player_embedded
  15. No need, not interested. Checking for a friend these are too small.