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  1. I recall reading certain colors signified they were a better grade and suitable for production. Colors were Green, Red & Blue: Does anyone know which color was considered the best? Color coding is not done any more as they are all painted black.
  2. Soft temper wire for through wire

    NP. I feel your pain I tried welding wire and hard 304. Before finding this annealed 304L it was killing my hands.
  3. Soft temper wire for through wire

    I make larger thru wire lures for saltwater 4 to 7 in. I use annealed 304L stainless steel wire .062 in (11-1/2 in long). These come with one end pre bent from NJ Tackle. https://www.njtackle.com/plug-building-supplies/wire/ NJ Tackle also has all the components you will need to do your job. Check out how to "Wiring A Wooden Plug" with Dave Anderson. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fzSQgy_6QU&t=28s Tip: Before you wire your first plug take a piece of the wire and practice doing tail wraps per the video. This will build your confidence and skill so when it comes time to wire your lure you get it right. Some guys use screws vs thru wire. I prefer to do thru wire because I would never want to loose a good fish because of a failed plug.
  4. Help With DYI Pull Pin For Egg Sinker Mold

    Cadman thanks for the info. I got a new old stock mold that didn't have a pull pin (thanks for size). These will not need to be painted but it's good info if I decide to use molds that do.
  5. Help With DYI Pull Pin For Egg Sinker Mold

    Agree, stainless should keep it's shape and remain smooth. Didn't know to use oil, definitely cheaper than drop out. Thanks for the tip.
  6. Mold: Do-It EG-5-LA Egg Sinker I never used a pull pin before and need to make one for this mold that I just purchased. What is material of choice and size wire to use to make pull pins from? I plan on coating pin with drop out to prevent sticking in the mold.
  7. Carving Custom Whopper Plopper

    Nice video & design, swims real good.
  8. Fatfingers Flatshad

  9. Whopper plopper sprinker frog hybrid

    I remember those.... soft baits with 3 blades and a tapered cylinder on top. You're right a helicopter would work.... how about this. Attach a wire to the tail of the lure, thread a helicopter on, next put a bead on and bend the wire over. The wire would act like an axial and the Helicopter would spin.
  10. Whopper plopper sprinker frog hybrid

    http://www.barlowstackle.com/Roto-Spinner-Blades-P3364.aspx I bet they look good in the water, I didn't know they existed.
  11. wire twist on jig eye

    Thanks smallmouthaholic. Yep just checked, it's a Do-it Ultra spinner.
  12. wire twist on jig eye

    Nice... That's KISS engineering (keep it simple stupid). I didn't see that in do-its catalog, what molds do you use?
  13. Saltwater Hardbait Blanks?

    Try http://www.saltybugger.com They have all you need and more. Hi Salty, I got it ha!
  14. wire twist on jig eye

    Glad to help. Post em when your done, it's always good to see someone's progress.
  15. wire twist on jig eye

    Check LPO (Lure Parts Online) Or you can clamp a drill bit in a vise (smooth side up). Then grab end of wire with vise grip and form a loop around the drill bit. Lastly make two wraps and your done. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=you+tube+tail+wrap+a+lure&view=detail&mid=812281143F5983B6E3F4812281143F5983B6E3F4&FORM=VIRE