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  1. You can also spray powder paint then bake in a toaster oven for a very hard finish. Toaster oven should not be used for food once used for powder paint. http://www.barlowstackle.com/Powder-Paint-Spray-Gun-P1006.aspx
  2. Never tried shrink tubing. How about using Grafix - Frisket Film, it's good for flat and rounded surfaces. It comes in sheets 9" x 12" (12ea $13.00 @Amazon). It has a- Low-Tac adhesive on the back & can be repositioned. Hope this helps.
  3. Welcome to TU. 1. LurePartsOnline.com has a huge selection of material to build lures of all types. Email them for a catalog or check out the online copy. I am not affiliated in any way with LPO just a member like you, however they are one of our sponsors. Page 29 & 30 self adhesive tape in many colors just cut with scissors and apply Page 73/98 lists spinner jig and spinner parts. Formed wire, blades, clevis, bodies, beads all the parts you need for a one stop shop. You can get 10% discount for first time you place an order . The code is "TUmember10" 2. http://www.dicknite.com/descript.htm I haven't but some guys here use Dick Nite's Fishermun's Lure-Coat and swear by the clear top coat S-81 to protect. You could probably paint with acrylics or any water base paint and top coat with Dick Nite's clear. S-81 is a laquer based paint so use safety precautions and use with adequate ventillation.
  4. Thanks for the info Glen, I do break flat waxed if I pull too hard. I like it, thanks BLT. I am going to get some 46, if you can pull without breaking, it's way stronger than flat waxed. Also thanks for the applicator tip, I can use all the help I can get.
  5. Wholesale Lead-Free split shot. 1. Maul Sales at attached link http://www.wholesalecentral.com/maulsa0001/store.cfm?event=itemdetail&itemid=530006&returnto=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.wholesalecentral.com%2Fmaulsa0001%2Fstore.cfm%3Fevent%3Dshowcatalog%26catid%3D85862 2. http://bosstin.com
  6. BLT do you find this to be stronger than flat waxed nylon? As for price I think you nailed it ....none cheaper! You Da Man.
  7. Check out Paul Adams video for applying scales. For what you are wanting you would need a really thick mesh to let most of the holographic show thru.
  8. I like it....nice one. She looks to be full of egg. Did you catch her on one of your lures?
  9. 1. Holoscale Foil https://makewoodenlures.com/foiling-lures/ 2. WTP Lure Tape http://www.lurepartsonline.com/s.nl/it.A/id.51114/.f I would apply foil then cover with mesh to paint scales. Some companies most likely use hot stamping then would have to paint scales on with mesh. Look up. you tube holographic heat transfer tape on lures. Hope this helps.
  10. I like it... nice work. This hobby should keep you plenty busy between stocking the tackle box and fishing.
  11. Originally tied by Ray Bondorew without the eyes. Hook: 2/0
  12. Smart man & nice lure. Did you make the body or use a blank? Welcome to TU.
  13. Like it....nice paint. The pattern reminds me of an east coast Northern Water Snake.
  14. Bath Mesh: Measures .016" thick. Tulle: Measures . 006" thick. See attached picture for samples.
  15. Bath Mesh: Measures .016" thick. Tulle: Measures . 006" thick.