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  1. Anyone have a suggestion for a dye part# for dying the color lavendar? Not interested in Rit or cool-aid. Thanks
  2. Nice work, congratulations to everyone and thanks to LPO for making this possible.
  3. Quite an undertaking to roll your own blanks. Do you make blanks for a living?
  4. Alot of lure builders use a BBQ rotisserie. Plenty of torque and nice slow speed, like it was made for us... ha!
  5. Of the three bags, I like the last the best. In a word "Solid" design. With two straps and two tie downs the contents should stay in their place much better.
  6. Nice work, something you might want to add to both sides. I have a soft tackle bag that has a thin bungee cord sewn in on the top flap to create a loop. The loop attaches below over a button. It's easy to attach especially out in the elements when it's windy and cold and fingers aren't as nimble.
  7. Wow nice work. How long did it take to carve? Wow nice work. How long did it take you to carve?
  8. Yes that is the stuff and It can be purposely removed from smooth surfaces. Some people use this to decorate their car rims and painted surfaces and want to be able to remove it at a later date. For the ice fishing environment It should protect and not crack like epoxy as long as the lure is completely covered. I have not personally used it for ice fishing but I thought it would work because it's flexible, durable, and has a use range of -30° to 200°F. I used it for a top coat of Rupert Harvey's fly "Fat Boy Mullet". Note it is also available in the spray can which is what I used. (Performix 11209 Plasti Dip Clear Multi-Purpose Rubber Coating Aerosol - 11 oz. ) https://www.amazon.com/Performix-11209-Plasti-Dip-Multi-Purpose/dp/B000LNN11G/ref=pd_bxgy_263_2/134-0997761-4850213?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B000LNN11G&pd_rd_r=4a38054b-3b6d-11e9-accd-19068f92f127&pd_rd_w=H1IMf&pd_rd_wg=X5L7j&pf_rd_p=6725dbd6-9917-451d-beba-16af7874e407&pf_rd_r=0B3SB5NBZQT0620CQXHD&psc=1&refRID=0B3SB5NBZQT0620CQXHD
  9. fshng2


  10. Try Clear Plasti-Dip. Dried coat temp use range -30° to 200°F. It does not chip or peel. Similar in appearance to flexible vinyl, and is resistant to abrasion, cutting, and marring. Just dip the item to be coated in Plasti Dip® and let dry in the air-no heat required.
  11. To keep the bucktail hair in place while tying. In addition to all the great comments. 1. First prep the area where the hair will go with a little super glue (gel works best but any will do). This helps to bond the thread in the next step and prevents the finished product from moving or spinning. 2. Next put down a layer of thread. This gives the hair something to bite into. 3. Tie some hair on a small clump at a time until you are happy with results, then whip finish (as anyfish mentioned). 4. Coat the threads for protection as previously mentioned and your done. Thread: Flat Waxed Nylon works best for me. If you don't want to buy many colors stick with white and color it with markers before you coat the threads.
  12. fshng2

    Wotton's Floating Minnow.jpg

    Hooks em quick because of the circle hook, especially useful when the fish catch you off guard.
  13. fshng2

    Blue Back Baitfish

    I hope the fish think that means tasty!
  14. Run some hot water over it from the tap. Don't dry it but hang it up to dry overnight. It will look better in the morning.
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