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  1. Carving Custom Whopper Plopper

    Nice video & design, swims real good.
  2. Fatfingers Flatshad

  3. Whopper plopper sprinker frog hybrid

    I remember those.... soft baits with 3 blades and a tapered cylinder on top. You're right a helicopter would work.... how about this. Attach a wire to the tail of the lure, thread a helicopter on, next put a bead on and bend the wire over. The wire would act like an axial and the Helicopter would spin.
  4. Whopper plopper sprinker frog hybrid

    http://www.barlowstackle.com/Roto-Spinner-Blades-P3364.aspx I bet they look good in the water, I didn't know they existed.
  5. wire twist on jig eye

    Thanks smallmouthaholic. Yep just checked, it's a Do-it Ultra spinner.
  6. wire twist on jig eye

    Nice... That's KISS engineering (keep it simple stupid). I didn't see that in do-its catalog, what molds do you use?
  7. Saltwater Hardbait Blanks?

    Try http://www.saltybugger.com They have all you need and more. Hi Salty, I got it ha!
  8. wire twist on jig eye

    Glad to help. Post em when your done, it's always good to see someone's progress.
  9. wire twist on jig eye

    Check LPO (Lure Parts Online) Or you can clamp a drill bit in a vise (smooth side up). Then grab end of wire with vise grip and form a loop around the drill bit. Lastly make two wraps and your done. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=you+tube+tail+wrap+a+lure&view=detail&mid=812281143F5983B6E3F4812281143F5983B6E3F4&FORM=VIRE
  10. Worth swivels and split rings

    The size split ring used affects the blade action. As the dia increases the blade has more room to move which can be all that's needed to trigger a bite.
  11. New Powder Coating Technique?

    NP. Another tip: When I was on the alibaba.com site some vendors will send free samples. Depending on shipping costs it might help with R&D costs.
  12. New Powder Coating Technique?

    Mylar PET Film Tapes are used in the powder coating industry and are available in clear or transparent. Source: ebay and alibaba.com
  13. Women's nails as diving bills

    Mark so you're sayin....go bar hopping very late and get all the nails you want.
  14. Bob Smith Epoxy

    Ha ha...Since I retired I've been keeping my habit well fed too! I wondered why I was sleeping better.
  15. 2.5dd blanks

    Suggestion: Post a picture with length and weight Not everyone is familiar with them but may know of a suitable replacement.