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  1. Hey fellow tackle makers. I'm not entirely sure where to post this so I apologize in advance if it's in the wrong spot. 


    I'm looking to get a better logo for our custom painting side business but running into a problem. No graphic designer seems to know anything about fishing. Are there any graphic designers that frequent this site and could help me out?  If so, message me or email me (faster response) at dbarnabei@hotmail.com




  2. Get him to send you some of his baits and repaint them in colors of his choosing.


    I would do this, except he was wanting a transparent bait. Similar to the lucky craft ghost minnow color.

    Anyone have a good way to remove the paint completely without damaging the bait?

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  3. good luck......up north i dont see a market for them big boys

    I live in Kansas, not exactly big fish territory but I watched my buddy pull an 10" white bass out of the throat of a 17" smallmouth.  You might be surprised what they eat.  But, these baits aren't for me.  They are for a buddy who lives near Toledo Bend and fishes it quite a bit.  He loves the 10XDs but isn't happy with their color selection.  


    I have checked Salty's, unfortunately I am looking for a clear bait, not a wooden one.  

  4. Hey guys,


    I am looking to find big crankbait blanks.  Specifically baits that can rival the 10XD from Strike King (not many color options through Strike King yet, unfortunately).  Does anyone know where to find any blanks that size?

  5. Does anyone have a good recipe for painting a pumpkinseed sunfish with Createx Paints?  I have been working at it for a while but have yet to find one I like.  If you would rather keep your recipe private and just share it with me, feel free to pm me.  Any help is greatly appreciated!



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  6. I think the best material is called PetG for vacuum forming. I am not saying that you need to get into VAC forming to get this to work. As mentioned above by Jonister, judicial application of heat and a bit of practice should get the job done. I did a lot of research into VAC forming several years ago and petG stuck in my head.



    This is how I typically make stencils.  By the way I am in KC so I am between you and Nathan

  7. Hey guys a buddy of mine wants me to paint him some lures.  He is requesting a color that is found on many name brand lures.  It is the white with a blueish hue found on lures such as Megabass/Luck-e-strike french pearl, Strike King Chartreuse Shad, Megabass Sexy Shad, etc.  


    If any of you can help me out with that, it would be greatly appreciated!

  8. I usually hit both parts of my D2T with my hair dryer in cold weather, so they become more runny and easier to squeeze out and mix.  The resin is always thicker than the hardener, at least for me.


    An associated question.  Is there an epoxy that will prevent me from dropping a freshly coated lure onto my garage's carpet strip?  Hahaha

    Here's a suggestion, Mark.  Pick the bait up, then drop it on the other side.  Now you have symmetrical carpet fuzzies.  It even adds texture to the finish!  8O

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  9. I did some reading on this a couple of years ago. I read an article about an Eskimo up in North Canada. Something about urine from breast feeding babies and stuff like that. It was very interesting and a good read.

    I decided to have a go myself. Persuading breastfeeding mothers to collect their baby's urine proved to be a bit of a stumbling block, especially with a language problem, so the fish skin had to settle for 50 year old urine fed on strong coffee.

    Of course, who should come to visit three days into the experiment, discovering a smelly bucket of three day old pee smelling of coffee and fish, but my exwife. When she asked about the half of fish floating in the bucket, I could not think of a good answer, so I told her that it wasn't mine, never seen it before.

    It was around about this time that I decided that it was not worth the hassle and dumped the bucket and its contents - far away.


    When I read this, I don't know if I want to believe that?! LOL

  10. Thanks for the advice guys.  I will try to mess around with the lighting.  I was hoping that I wouldn't have to buy anything but since the lighting in my house is yellow-ish I may have to get at least a spot light to get a "true" color.


    I would only add that a reasonable photo processor would be nice, for tuning the colors to how you want them. You don't have to pay for one, there are older versions of Photoshop available for download on the web.



    Vodkaman, I was also hoping not to have to alter pictures (just trying to avoid the extra step) but if that is what I have to do to get the quality I want, I will definitely give it a try.  


    Keep the advice coming guys!  One can never have too much knowledge!

  11. Hey guys I have a question and hopefully someone can help me out. When I take pictures of my custom painted lures I take them on a mirror with the flash (to black everything else out). The problem is, subtle features are washed out, it creates a glare, and colors aren't accurate. I attached a picture for example.


    As you can see, the chartreuse sides have almost a pastel look in the front of the bait and the lateral line is hardly visible.

    My question is how do you guys take pictures so the colors and features are accurate? Thanks for the help in advance!









  12. 1st and 2nd attempt at airbrushing. I have been reading ALOT and watching videos on airbrushing lures. I had an old plastic Testors Airbrush for painting model cars along with an unused can of propellant. I borrowed my girls Wal mart brand craft paint and gave it a go. The Blue/Chartreuse was my 1st attempt yesterday and the craw pattern I did tonight. The Craw bait turned out a little darker than I intended but I like it. Going to head to Hobby Lobby this weekend and invest in a good Airbrush a d get some good paints. That is unless I get to go fishing with all this bad weather we are having in the South. I THINK I'M HOOKED!

    Same thing happened to me about a month ago.  Feel free to ask questions on this site about designs and what not, most people will be glad to help.

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  13. Does anyone have a recipe for a Bone color? I use c-tex. thanks

    Funny you should ask this.  I started painting my second bait yesterday.  It is a spook like bait so I wanted bone with either an orange or pink belly.  It took me a while to get the color I wanted but here is what I did.  Using only Createx (and Wicked Reducer) first I base coated the whole lure opaque white.  Then 10 drops pearl white, 10 drops opaque white, 1/2-3-4 drop of opaque yellow.  The color in the airbrush looked a lot more yellow but since it was over a white base coat it turned out great.  I will take a picture and post it when I go home for lunch.

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  14. Ben, there's a dude on Face Book named Andrew Peters. Great guy and you'll have a rough time beating his prices on quality trebles. I just bought 1000 #6 KVD Triple Grips from him and could not believe it when I got the invoice. Check him out.


    Good Luck!!

    Agreed.  My father is getting into crankbait painting but wanted cheap hooks for demos.  I was able to get him 1000 VMC #6 trebles for less than $50 shipped!

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