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  1. I should have done this!  I cut my finger pretty bad a few weeks ago while in my basement and really thought about loading up my airbrush with some blood to paint with haha.  I was worried about it clotting in the gun and being really hard to clean though so I didn't.

  2. PB&J


    Good job on all your lures. What's your favorite craw pattern?

    Thanks! I would say so far my favorite craw pattern is one that I made on a whim.  Kind of threw some paint together and it turned out really well.


  3. PB&J


    Any tips on how to make the craw stencil?  How are you doing the lines on the back?  I'm new to craws and seems to struggle with them. Can't get my sides to look correct. 

    PM sent

  4. DSC06228


    I will agree with Braided Line about the eye.  The bait itself has enough attention grabbing details that a red eye as an accent doesn't do much for it.


    Either way, great looking baits!  I'm still trying to piece together a bluegill paint pattern that I like. 

  5. PB&J


    That looks great for devcon! im not so good with 2 part epoxys =)

    Jon, pm me with issues you have had with 2 part epoxys.  I haven't had any so far. (besides mental errors)


    Anything with purple on it ......

    Figure, if PB&J is a good soft plastic color, why not try a crankbait right?

  6. PB&J


    What is your clear coat, if you dont mind me asking? I love this paint job! 

    Thanks.  The clear coat is Devcon 2 ton 30 minute epoxy.  You can't tell in the picture but it also has some fine black glitter on the "shell" portion of the bait.

  7. Green Craw


    Use heavy line, so you don't get your heart broke when it gets slammed!

    At least there aren't pike in LOZ.  The first jig I tied a few years ago, I was fishing in South Dakota for smallmouth with my father and the second cast a small pike grabbed it and cut my line right at the boat... The pike was only about 14."  It would have made me feel a little better if it was a bigger fish!

  8. Unknown


    It could be a Skitter Walk but it looks more like the X Rap Walk to me. The SubWalk has fins towards the rear that stick out on both sides and it also sinks. I'm almost positive it's an X Rap Walk though.....

    Thanks Joe.  The reason I was thinking Sub Walk was because of a couple reasons.  First I don't remember the name being as long as Skitter Walk when I was sanding it off.  The other reason was because the lure started as white holographic body and chartreuse head.  I was unable to find that in the Skitter Walk.  I believe you are right with the X-Rap Walk.  

  9. Sexy Emerald


    That looks great!  You're way ahead of the learning curve!

    I really like the blueish shadow line about the chartruese.  It looks like a photo finish.

    Thanks.  The finished product is not what I envisioned but I like it.

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