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  1. There are no better frog molds that Enforcer. I've used almost every frog ever made (including those that can be made from hobby molds) and I can't find any that are better. I have the original 4.5" frog and it's phenomenal. The weed beater has a thicker more horny toad style body which makes it cast a bit further. You can't go wrong with either one.
  2. Does anybody have this mold? If so I'd gladly pay to get a few samples. Thanks in advance.
  3. Pretty good stuff IMO. It takes reheats better than any other plastic I've used. It has micro bubbles like all plastic but dissipates faster than others. I really like it.

    BTS 706 craw mold

    I have (2) 4 cavity molds with an extra plate without the hook slot. $300 shipped for it all. Feel free to PM me if you would like.
  5. I've used it quite a bit and it's never arcedon me reheated or put in before heating.
  6. Angling AI Stinger, the beaver bait that everybody and their grandma makes Looks like a neat bait though.
  7. With the Biffle Bug being hollow I don't see it having enough heft to actually cast it like you'd need to.
  8. The BTS mold is the one you're looking for but doesn't look like anything is gonna get made in that shop in the foreseeable future. If ya gotta have it Leonard's looks really close to what you're wanting!
  9. Using a single injector I prefer the non locking nozzle. But you only have so many hands so when evacuating the dual injector I like the locking nozzle to keep the ends from falling off in the cups.
  10. The blue X2 company from Do-It will give you basically the same results that Montess posted and I feel is very very similar to the sapphire blue from Zoom. Also, if you're just making baits for yourself remember "not perfect" doesn't mean "won't catch 'em"!! I can't get an exact copy of SK blue craw but what I came up with gets em just as good as the original.
  11. Yeah, the ocean blue looks good in a lot of different base colors. I really really like using the small ocean blue with a large silver flake in a black bait. I catch the crap out of fish on that color on everything from finesse worms to senkos to punching baits. It just really works in all different kinds of water.
  12. It is actually ocean blue from Do-It that is the lighter colored small blue flake (like a Carolina blue) and it was Royal blue flake from Bait Junkies that is like the blue flake found in almost all "black with blue flake" baits.
  13. He was stating that glass is sand as far as health is concerned. And glass is literally nothing but sand, no debate about it. And he clearly stated that they will scratch the inside of your injector and noted it as a "negative" to their use. About the blue flake, I use Canadian blue (I think I'll have to check) in one of my black colors that absolutely kills the fish where I'm at. I use small Canadian blue flake and large silver flake together and it works really really well for me. If you're wanting a bait like almost everybody else has when making black and blue flake then the royal blue I believe is what you're looking for. I will check my flakes tomorrow afternoon when I get up and make sure for ya.
  14. You can let em "cure" for a year, if they get bent up in the bag they are gonna be bent up. Doesn't matter if you let em sit for a day or 100 days. I've never noticed any difference in letting the baits sit more than a day or two but that's just me. Unless they are in a clam shell they are gonna get slightly misshapen in the bags. In addition to the boiling water the defrost on high in the car works haha, found that out by accident but the hot water is certainly more convenient.
  15. Looks like a good bait, but I can get 12 cavities worth of laminate shooting 4" swimmer molds from Enforcer for the same price as 4 of those molds. Just really, really high for a single cavity mold but that's Do-It for ya.
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