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  1. Dont forget, this site has changed ownership since its inception. Surely there is new Goals.
  2. Your results are not gonna be nice... They do not melt and pour that stuff, Its done in a totally different fashion.
  3. And for 1.00 more you can get a extra cavity here. http://www.shopbaitjunkys.com/5-Stickem_p_646.html
  4. The forum does not make itself, It is the members that make the forum. Id much rather look at pictures than read some Bs about who has the better plastic etc, Drive away the members this forum will be nothing but a select few that do not wanna weed thru. Just IMO...
  5. Guys, It is really a simple concept, You have to have displacement. If your brave, Cut a groove in the tail so the plastic keeps pushing out, hit with the core color fast till you see it just come out, Problem solved, Core shot multi cavity mold....
  6. Just for the record, most pids have a error correction setting.
  7. Those shooting star controllers are not accurate, I suggest verifying your temps with a candy thermometer if you have not done so,
  8. Those 2 baits are not the same, one is a craw one is more of a beaver hybrid
  9. I dont, i find it easiest to just stick a screw driver in there and break it up. Add some nuts and shake.
  10. If the color will turn in the micro at 150 degrees or so, it surely is gonna suck at 350.
  11. Finish, 40.00 one looks like you rolled it in sand, catches fish, but has no market selling baits. 98.00 one is shiney, catches fish and has value selling baits, just dents terrible and takes rocket science to shoot good baits. There is better options out there, look around. Better value as well.
  12. Keep shaking, It will break it up.
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