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  1. Angling AI 306A-04 3.75" DB Creature Bait Mold

    selling my Angling AI 306A-04 3.75" DB Creature Bait Mold. Only shot a couple of times. Just don't use the bait. $140 with free shipping.
  2. Who makes a mold like brewers sliders

    i use the thump grub from do-it posted above with great sucess
  3. Spike-it order

    Id call in if you have questions on your order. I order from them all the time with no problems or hickups
  4. Stick Bait Action

    for my recipe I use 8oz med/soft plastic from spike-it , 3 tablespoons of glass blasting media, color and flake to liking.
  5. Looks like BTS is coming back!

    Time will tell. I hope he does come back online. There are some swim-bait molds of his I am wanting
  6. 637 Swim Bait - Open Pour 3.5"

    looking for any 637 Swim Bait - Open Pour 3.5" molds that someone is looking to sell.
  7. variouse molds

    Sorry the 7.5" finess worm was sold. I forgot to delete it off of the post before I posted it and I do not know how to go back and edit the post after the fact.
  8. variouse molds

    Soft plastic Aluminum Molds for sale. All prices are shipped tyd. Payment via paypal. All.shoot great. 7.5" finess will get bubbles in tail if you don't keep the spru filled as it cools due to size of mold. Do-it 5" Forktail 4 cavity - $70 Bears 5.5" real craw 1 cavity - $50 BTS 648 3" Swimbait 4 cavity - $80 7.5" waterdog curl tail 1 cavity - $50 506 4" waterdog 2 cavity - $60 each 3 available
  9. BTS Molds

    Agree. Ive reached out to Baitjunky's, Do-It, AI, and Bass Tackle at one point or another and all of those guys have gotten back to me in a timely manner. Also probably why I only look to them for my molds any more.
  10. Softner

    I use med/soft and only use hardener if needed
  11. Do-It molds

    all molds have been sold
  12. Do-it Zipper goby

    yep, I've been in contact with Josh. His new mold will be in mailbox tomorrow
  13. Looking For A New Jerk/Fluke Type Bait Mold

    ive had both the wutz it and wutz it fork tail and liked the fork tail better. I wound up selling the original wutz it a while back. Fish's really good and caught a ton of smallies on them this past year to include a handful of C class smallies.
  14. Do-it Zipper goby

    anybody fish the Do-It Zipper Goby like a fluke? if so how well does it work rigged like that? also anyone know of anyone else making a mold just like it? trying not to spend 190 on a 3 cavity mold
  15. Classifieds

    Yep the link just provided above works but when you click on the title on the home page it still loops you back to the home page.