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  1. I don't understand your comment
  2. Rat carved from basswood.
  3. Just hit it with Rustoleum Matthe Clear enamel. Not my idea. A friend shared it with me. It works great. There is KBS underneath so it is rock solid. I believe the Rustoleum reacts with the KBS and really bonds well
  4. Thanks. That eye is factory. Can't really change it and the fish don't seem to mind. Lol. Thanks again. Flat look is easy to achieve on top of any typical gloss clear that one would typically use.
  5. Spro Rock Crawler Repaint with matte finish
  6. Benzin555


    This is a crane fly larvae tied with Virtual Nymph skin and color added with Prisma Color Markers. Has been very successful on native brook trout.
  7. Pre Rapala Wiggle Wart blank. Used frisket to create the shell segments. Frisket is great as it allows to really create the 3D effect with proper shading.
  8. Yes it will work over ETex as well. I have had pretty good results using the process explained by Dinger. Here is a shad rap repaint using the process. A Swimbait as well
  9. I did paint it but I was just being funny. No worries. The previous posts were correct. It's called stippling. Many ways to accomplish it but I prefer to load the brush and then rapidly hit the trigger. Here is another example. I like to add a couple different colors when doing the stippling as on many craws the colors vary.
  10. Great looking paint job. You could always ask the person that did it. Who painted it? Where did I get the pic from.
  11. This is a Pike/Musky blank that I purchased from a company in Canada. I used Abalone Inlay for a pretty unique flash. Long process and very expensive but it was a lot of fun expiramenting!
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