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  1. What kind drying/fully cured time are we talking about with the KBS Diamond Clear? I don't want anything that dries any slower than 2-part epoxy. A Gloss finish and quick drying time is what keeps me going back to 2-part epoxy.
  2. Lipz


    Thanks Mark, that's what I needed to know. I'm thinking that I may need to heat it up a bit to thin it before brushing it on.
  3. Lipz


    Hey Mark, How hard does the Solarez you have get in 3 minutes? Can you still put a mark/indentation in it with a fingernail? I'm new to using the Solarez, so I'm not sure how hard it gets when it's 100% cured. I'm testing the Dual-Cure Gloss polyester.
  4. Lipz


    Barr, are you saying that it takes two hours to dry 50 lures at once, or are you drying a certain number at a time for (?) minutes?
  5. Lipz


    Dual-Cure Polyester Gloss is what I'm using. It seems cured, and a lot harder this morning, after sitting overnight? Who knows. I'll keep experimenting with it, with hopes of nailing down a good technique. I really want to get the UV curing nailed down. Time savings and the hassle over 2-part epoxy would really be nice.
  6. Lipz


    I just received my 54W UV nail unit from Amazon today and give it a whirl. This is the one I purchased. Bulbs are 365Nm. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NPX9T8S/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_Ou.QwbMT7VE21 I brushed a single coat onto a plastic crank painted with Createx. The Solarez was cool, so the coat was fairly thick. I first baked it for 2 minutes and I could still easily cut into it with my fingernail. I tried another three minutes and could still make an indention, but less. Went for another five minutes and I can still mark it with my fingernail. That's 10 minutes total under the lights. Is this what would be considered cured?
  7. Hey CheCT, check your messages when you can.
  8. I just looked at the "Duro Doming" resin, and at $42 per 4 oz (+- possible price of new product?), he has valid reservations. It would be a quick and wonderful product, but as a hobbyist/small seller, I personally couldn't see it as a feasible option if it is in that price range. That's why I haven't pulled the trigger on Alumi-UV. That said, for the moment I will be ordering a qt of Solarez Gloss Polyester to try. Thanks to Fish Pirate for trying to help cure the epoxy blues!
  9. Hmm, maybe the price is why he walked around me questioning him about it this evening (see my reply to the original post below). I ask about it twice and he dodged an answer. Sounds like it may be expensive, similar to Alumi-UV @ $90 qt.? http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/topic/30722-switch-to-alumiuv-or-keep-using-epoxy/#entry248598
  10. Fish Pirate, I was finally able to talk with Gary this evening. Nice guy, slam FULL of information, but he never gave up any details or a name for the unmarked "stuff" you speak of. I point blank ask him twice during our 15 minute conversation, and he steered clear of an answer? By the way, I'm not sure if I've mentioned it or not, but I custom paint Clear crankbait blanks, not wood. I'm not sure if that would matter or not? I wouldn't think so as a "topcoat".
  11. Well I've had my finger on the add to cart button for almost a week! I figure they're closed today, or to busy to return calls, so I'll keep my finger ready to tap that button Monday. I am anxiously awaiting his reply. I'm tired of the hassle of epoxy.
  12. No blush, huh? Interesting. Is it available on the website yet?
  13. Thanks Mark. I'll be ordering a quart for testing, as well as the supporting equipment needed for curing asap. The major advantage with UV to me, would be time savings. Do you sacrifice any of the positive attributes of epoxy, with Solarez? Pros & Cons of Solarez?
  14. I think to FULLY cure, that's somewhat true for most all 2-part epoxies. Some say maximum "bond" at 24hrs, but to be fully cured it takes several days.
  15. I really want to try the Alumi-uv, but can someone give me an idea about the coverage? I'm curious about how long a $30 4oz bottle would last? Approximately how many average size crankbaits (1.5/2.5) it would cover with a single coat? Some way to compare the cost verus 2-part epoxies. The stuff is expensive, and It seems like it would at minimum triple the cost per lure.
  16. Sorry guys, I've been a 'lurker' for quiet some time here, and low and behold, my first post is about one of the top repeated subjects. Sorry. At least I searched the forum for the subject with only one result that offered no information. Does anyone use, or have previously used "Klear Kote" for topcoating plastic lures? If so, how does it perform versus D2 and other topcoats? Drying time, durability, etc. I know that it's been used for years on various tables, clocks and such, and is known to be clear, hard, and scratch resistent. Economically priced at $86 shipped for 2 gallons (.33¢ / ounce). http://www.creativewholesale.com/ProductDetail/tabid/174/ProductID/1290/Default.aspx
  17. DJoseph Check your messages. Thanks.
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