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  1. I use a size 1 or 2 fine ring depending on what blade/blades I am using. The larger you go , the better chance there is that a blade can come off.
  2. JLS

    Fluid bed

    I manufactured my own cup as well. I glued a wire screen to the bottom of my tubes (The heavy wire found in your screen door, not the cheap stuff), and use a coffee filter under it.
  3. JLS

    Kayser Lure

    Just received a bunch of weedgaurds from these guys! First thing that I noticed was the lack of the bur that makes weedgaurds so hard to install! Second thing was the sample pack of 2-toned gaurds that they sent me! These things are awesome! Brown with 4 strands of purple, brown with 2 strands chartreuse and 3 strands orange (Mo. Craw), black with a few strands of blue...……. they will build anything you want! You have to buy by the thousand, but these things aren't going to rot. Their skirts aren't looking too bad either, you should check them out!
  4. That's who I would try!
  5. I'm sure there would be a patent on those blades, but I really have no need to know for sure. The patent would make it illegal for you to manufacture those blades without being licensed to do so, whether it be for personal use or resale. When you purchase the blades from a manufacturer (in this case, Worth), you are allowed to use those blades.
  6. Glad that you found the information needed to make everyone feel secure about paying the way I do. You guys almost had me wondering if I was doing it right.
  7. Thanks, I had forgot that they do that! I'll give Worth a call tomorrow.
  8. I'm trying to find a company that makes logo decals to fit a #4 or #4.5 willow blade. I know I've seen these somewhere but can't seem to find them again. If anyone has some information on them, please share it! Thanks so much for any help you can give me!
  9. I'm not a lot of help as I do not use blades that require a clevis on my inlines. I do know that Jann's will have the information that you are after, as I'm sure most of the parts suppliers will. Give them a call and they'll get you to the right person.
  10. Sorry Eiron, I can't point you to a page on the IRS site that will explain that. The information I have was provided to me by the IRS agent that interviewed me before I received my 637 registration. The only thing I can think of is that you've been in this business a lot longer than me. Could something have changed and you wasn't informed? Kind of like them deciding we needed to file our taxes by March 15th, last year, I know I didn't get that memo LOL Contact the IRS or your accountant, they should be able to help answer any questions.
  11. Wish I had some! If you have any of the Matzuo hooks, use them sparingly and don't share....... Matzuo went out of business.
  12. When I see markup and margin, I think more like a store. In our store we mark everything up by 54% (unless market value allows for more) so that we end up with a margin of 35% (profit). 35% + is what it takes to keep the lights on and employees happy! When it comes to my lure company; everything is priced according to time required to build the lure, parts used, and a fair market value. If I invest the time and $$$$$ to develop and patent a new idea, the market value is determined by what someone is willing to pay for the lure. One does have to consider excise tax while placing a value on their lures, but I tend to assess a market value and let the tax fall where it will. Keep in mind that excise tax is calculated a couple of different ways: 1- Off of wholesale price. This price has to be the one that you would sell your lures to any store at. My store buys a lot of my lures and I give myself a 5% discount, therefor I pay excise tax based on the price that I would sell to other smaller stores. The rate of excise tax is 10% of wholesale price. 2- Off of retail price. If you do not wholesale your lures, you pay 10% excise tax on 60% of your retail price. You have to establish a retail price and pay tax based on that price, even if you ran a sale and sold the lure 25% off. When one of my staffers purchase a new lure, at 40% off that I do not wholesale, I have to pay excise tax based on the full retail price.
  13. I mix a lot of my colors and have never had any problems with it. Make sure to write down the recipe, I had to recreate one of my colors once and felt lucky to pull it off.
  14. I use 2 mil 3x4 or 4x6 bags from Uline and had cards made for them locally. I have my cards made longer than the bags so I can fold the top part over the bag. My logo is printed upside down so that it's right side up when the top of the card is folded. I heat seal the bags with a little air in them so the skirts aren't pressed together. Cost is less than $0.10 and I've never had a complaint.
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