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  1. mohawkman


    Looks great!
  2. mohawkman

    My Trip to the ER

    I think my friend didn't pull the string hard enough
  3. mohawkman

    My Trip to the ER

    I've been using VMC short shank hooks since I started making lures but I've ended up with broken hooks nearly every fishing trip. Never while reeling in a fish but when I popped the hook out of a fish's mouth. I got pretty tired of replacing the hooks so I thought I'd try a different kind. I bought some KVD treble hooks believing that Mr. VanDam wouldn't put his name on an inferior product and I was right. My first time using these, I hooked in to a small bass, about 12", but it fought like a 10 pounder. Once I got the fish to the boat, I grabbed it around the belly, not wanting to put my thumb near the rear hook that was stuck in its mouth. The little bass still had a lot of fight left in it and it slid down my hand, sliding the front hook deep in to my left index finger. It was like a hot knife in to butter. I've been poked by the VMC's many times, and it hurt but this just slid in with no resistance and little pain. My friend and I were in his small, 2 seater plastic fishing boat when this happened and it was a long ride in this trolling motor propelled watercraft to the ramp, then the long ride to his house (10 minutes). Once we arrived to his house, we tried the fishing line tied around the hook trick to pull it out but it didn't work and I was close to passing out after the first attempt. I texted my wife to drive to my friend's house to lend a hand. She refused to try to help pull it out and drove me to the ER, laughing at my traumatic experience most of the way. 2 hours later, I went home with a bandaid and 10 days supply of antibiotics. The good news is that I am now up to date on my tetanus shot. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the KVD treble hooks are sharp and strong. Hopefully none of you have to go through the same ordeal that I have but if you do, hopefully your significant other won't laugh so much.
  4. mohawkman

    Spybait props

    I've never made a spybait but would any of these work?
  5. mohawkman

    O ring size

    5/16" I think
  6. mohawkman

    lead weight hook hangers

    I laughed too hard at this
  7. mohawkman

    Passing of a Record Holder

    RIP John. It sounds like you lived a good, long life.
  8. mohawkman

    search for small word?

    Use Google. Try typing "tackle underground psi".
  9. mohawkman

    Product Review-Flex coat crystals

    Good review, smalljaw, I've been curious about them. Sounds like they would be good on a crankbait!
  10. mohawkman

    Lure Drying RPM

    I think it would be fine if you're using a thick top coat like Devcon 2T. What are you using as a top coat?
  11. mohawkman

    Questions about Epoxy

    A couple of things could be wrong. Improper mix ratio or it wasn't mixed well enough. No reason to strip it, lightly sand it and add a new coat.
  12. mohawkman

    Fiber weed guard problems?

    I don't make a lot of jigs at one time so this may or may not help. I put a skirt collar on the fiber weed guard and glue it in upside down, then cut off the fused end. The collar rolls off easily. This probably isn't a great solution if you're making a lot of jigs but I hope it helps.
  13. mohawkman

    newbie questions

    Happy to help
  14. mohawkman

    newbie questions

    I think the code was "TUmember10"
  15. mohawkman

    Green Sunfish

    Thank you!