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  1. Spybait props

    I've never made a spybait but would any of these work?
  2. O ring size

    5/16" I think
  3. lead weight hook hangers

    I laughed too hard at this
  4. Passing of a Record Holder

    RIP John. It sounds like you lived a good, long life.
  5. search for small word?

    Use Google. Try typing "tackle underground psi".
  6. Product Review-Flex coat crystals

    Good review, smalljaw, I've been curious about them. Sounds like they would be good on a crankbait!
  7. Lure Drying RPM

    I think it would be fine if you're using a thick top coat like Devcon 2T. What are you using as a top coat?
  8. Questions about Epoxy

    A couple of things could be wrong. Improper mix ratio or it wasn't mixed well enough. No reason to strip it, lightly sand it and add a new coat.
  9. Fiber weed guard problems?

    I don't make a lot of jigs at one time so this may or may not help. I put a skirt collar on the fiber weed guard and glue it in upside down, then cut off the fused end. The collar rolls off easily. This probably isn't a great solution if you're making a lot of jigs but I hope it helps.
  10. newbie questions

    Happy to help
  11. newbie questions

    I think the code was "TUmember10"
  12. Green Sunfish

    Thank you!
  13. Bamboo Wakebait

    Thanks Dale!
  14. Bamboo Wakebait

    Thanks Jeremy! As soon as I saw the grain on these boards, I knew what needed to be done.