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  1. Thank you everyone. I reached out to Dead On and they said the same thing and told me the best way to get it mixed up properly. I'm going to try tonight and see what happens.
  2. I shook it like I do with all the other plastisols I used. Do I need to stir this stuff?
  3. So I just used Dead On for the first time tonight. It heated up fantastic and I noticed that it was as thin as water when i got it to the proper temp. I shot it in a BTS Mold wait 15mins and the sprue was still water. Waited another 10 it was thicker like a motor oil. Put the mold in the freezer for 15 minutes no change in consistency. Here we are 1 hour and 45 minutes after heating it up and shooting it and the plastic in the measuring cup and mold are still not firm. It's become too thick to shoot or pour but still so soft I cannot take it out of the mold without ruining the bait and if I tip the cup it will still run out.
  4. I have no interest in selling my cranks. I was curious because I see more and more websites charging a premium for painted cranks but don’t supply hardware. It boggled my mind
  5. I am just getting started on painting my own cranks. I have experience with airbrushing and have everything to do it. I picked up some blanks and all I need is the paint. I am going the Createx. With shopping around I realized I do not want to buy one of those kits with all the colors as I probably wont be using them all. So my questions are, what colors are a must in your arsenal? Also are these colors opaque or transparent. I am not painting to sell just for me to use. On another topic. Is it customary to sell custom baits with hardware? This is the reason I am starting this endeavor. I grown frustrated that the few places I bought custom painted cranks did not ship with hooks and rings for the price I paid.
  6. I'm breaking down cost per bait to see if I can even be competitive when it comes to selling my baits. I did some calculations I believe to be correct but would like to find someone who can tell me yes or no I'm in the ballpark. My calculations broke down as such: $20 gal Plastisol (.04 per bait) $8 4oz of scent (.02) $3.45 2oz Glitter (.002) $5.49 4oz Coloring (.001) $15 100ct laminate bags (.15 per pack) Based of my average of 400 baits per gallon and avg of 10 baits per pack I calculated $.95 per pack. Does this seem right or did my math no add up?
  7. Yes I am mixing the color into cold plastic. I have also been looking into the Lureworks brand coloring.
  8. I'm glad to have read this. I have been wanting a couple BTS molds for awhile but have been very apprehensive.
  9. For the last 5 years I have used Lurecraft exclusively except for emergencies than I just drive to Janns and pick up what I need. However the last few months the coloring I have been getting from LC has been bad. I would get an occasional bad batch here and there in the past but now it seems more common than not. When it comes to fluorescent coloring it just sinks to the bottom and doesn't mix well. I have also had to change my recipes up to add more coloring for opaque colors to get the same coloration I am used to. At this point am ready to start looking at different manufactures. How does the MF or Do It X2 brand coloring work in comparing to LC? Is there another brand out there I haven't mentioned?
  10. OK so you are not using the stone mold. Thank you
  11. How does the finish product look dull or shiny?
  12. What mold is everyone using to make TRD worms for ned rigging?
  13. I have thinking of just going injection mold but I didn't know how the baits would come out with their molds being made of stone. Would it come out dull like the Do-It Essentials or shiny like CNC molds?
  14. From where? I do not know where to look for molds for sale here.
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