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    Ratio Of Segment Size

    Mark, that way seems to be pretty easy and convient but due to how unorthodox my build has been due to the fact that I currently lack a proper wood shop I may be going with the calculator VodkaMan has set up, awesome btw Dave I enjoy getting technical on occasion. Not sure if you guys are familiar with Paul Adams on YouTube, but I've modeled my build after his balsa jerk-baits he built. Much easier for me considering my lack of power tools and space just hoping my end result is what I want! Thank you both for the info, I enjoy being able to talk baits with fellow like-minded folks, i know my girl friend and coworkers are sick of hearing it ha.
  2. Tfeuts

    Ratio Of Segment Size

    Dave, I did a little digging prior to asking questions and came across your post back from April 2011 regarding the Archimedes "dunk test" I'm assuming that's what you're referring to? Seems to be an awesome way to figure out weight without too much trial and error so thank you for that! Im hoping because of my wood choice and bait profile I won't need to go crazy with lead, I'm looking for some subsurface suspension but not too much sink. Now just to get my hands on a good scale.. I wonder if the local drug dealer would mind if I borrowed his, hah Again thank you for all the info! T
  3. Tfeuts

    Ratio Of Segment Size

    Thanks for the info guys, I haven't quite gotten to the ballasting part yet, I'm wondering if I'll run into issues because I'm using balsa and the bait profile is rather tall..
  4. Tfeuts

    Ratio Of Segment Size

    Hello to everybody out there! hope the winter has treated everybody well, I know I am ready to get some lines wet up here in the Northeast. New to TU and the lure making world so here is my question, I started making a lure to mimic my favorite saltwater bait and I decided I wanted to turn it into a multi-jointed swimbait, is there a "rule" or ratio I should follow when making the different segments? I want to make sure it has the proper "S" swimming action and figured the size of each segment would make a difference. Tried doing a few searches but came up with nothing so if i missed it some direction would be appreciated! Thank you for any info you can provide! Tight lines