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  1. I've made a decent amount of plugs and I've decided it's time to get some paint in order to paint these guys. However I'm sort of lost as to what colors I should get. In your opinion what are say 10 or 12 essential colors when painting lures? And what brands do you guys reccomend? Thanks for the help!
  2. I recently purchased a workbench wood lathe from harbor freight and so far its been treating me pretty well. I've been researching turning plugs for quite sometime now, and today I finally turned my first two lures. The top lure was supposed to imitate a Hula Popper, and the bottom is going to be a pencil popper. The Hula Popper is made from basswood and the pencil popper is made from eastern red cedar. Any critiques would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone could provide some info on how to cut the angle for the pencil popper mouth I'd also appreciate that. Thanks in advance!
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