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  1. levi.n1

    Various molds

    Also have a bears small chunk mold 2.5” I believe, 6 cavity. Asking $60 for it
  2. levi.n1

    Various molds

    Angeling AI 4” stinger 3 cavity-2 molds msrp-149$ asking $110 each Delmart molds super fluke mold 3 cavity msrp-$95 asking $60 Bears baits 6” finesse full round 6 cavity worm msrp-$100 asking $70 All molds in good condition, would be willing to trade for the right molds. All prices are plus $10 shipping. All are in great condition.
  3. levi.n1

    Mini Shooting Star Laminate Problems

    I am at odds end. have tried absolutely everything. Every multi cavity mold I pour at every temp I pour with absolutely no change. I have shot Summer Craw, Okeechobee Craw and Alabama Craw yielding the same results. BTS 702 craw- 2 bottom cavities solid Greenpumpkin with the top 2 being a near solid of what should be the belly color. If I shoot a mold where the cavities are in line ie. a bears trick worm- cavitiy farthest from sprue will be a GP, first one solid Blue and a inconsistent laminate in the middle. Top port injection molds shoot great laminates, Multi cavity is where the issues are experienced.
  4. I have recently been having problems with some of my molds producing a consistent laminate ie. craws. worms, brush hogs- But my top port injection swim baits ( basstackle 4&5" splittbellys and 631) are prodcuing as good as they ever had, Naturally my temperatures are consistent with this system, usually run around the 300 mark but have tried everything from 260-360 to try and find a solution but to no avail. I have tried to raise and lower the temperatue of one pot compared to the other-no change. I did not experince the aforementioned inconsistencies when I was using a blending block nor do I currently experience them with top injection molds. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated, I sell in multiple retail settings and I cannot market the current product that we are making. Thank you and have a great day.
  5. levi.n1

    Bulk Supplier For Tube Baits?

    Hit me up at Levi.n1@live.com
  6. levi.n1

    Molds for sale

    Bears 10.5" Trick Worm 4 cavity (Hinged) $100 2 7.5" Trick Worm 5 cavity (Hinged)$65 a piece 5.25" 5 cavity Senko $60 2.5" Handpour chunk $25 Basstackle 5" Handpour swimbait with splitbelly $70 Delmart 2 cavity crazy legs chigger craw $100 Message or text me at 606-688-1779 if interested. Thank You and have a good day Also have a basstackle twin injector for $150.
  7. levi.n1

    BTS 5" hand pour with splitbellys

    Mold has hardly ever been used, poured a couple up and realized hand pouring isn't for me. Price does not include shipping
  8. levi.n1

    Bass tackle twin injector with block

    I have a basstackle twin injector with blending block, $150 plus shipping.
  9. levi.n1

    Basstackle Injectors

    A Basstackle 6oz twin injector with blending block and a separate 60oz injector, in great shape only thing wrong is the plastic is been wore out on the knobs of two injectors but otherwise in great shape. 50 for the single and 175 for the twin. Will entertain any and all offers, I'd you have some molds hit me up I may be interested.
  10. levi.n1

    Tackle Boxes

    What's the best place to buy tackle boxes? I was wanting to do a package deal similar to what ever soft does with their craws and I can't seem to find a place to find divided boxes cheap. Brand does not matter in this case.
  11. levi.n1

    Molds for sale

    Selling some molds I no longer use, all prices include shipping Bears 5 cavity 2.5" chunk hand pour $30 Bears 5" stick 5 cavity $70 Bears 4.25 1 cavity Kodiak craw $35 Delmart 4" crazy legs chigger grow 2 cavity $150 Ribbontail has ben sold. Fat Worm has been sold as well as the finnese worm
  12. levi.n1

    Packaging Swimbaits

    How do you all package your swimbaits to prevent bending the tails? Do you all have a molded clamshell made or what? If so where at?
  13. levi.n1

    Bait Pictures

    How does everyone take high quality pictures of their baits so your customers can truly see the quality of your colors?
  14. levi.n1

    Outsourcing Production Runs

    nice looking swimbaits
  15. levi.n1


    how did you design your logo and what does it look like