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  1. Airbrush Paint For Soft Plastic Lures

    Ok, thanks guys, I'll look into it.
  2. Has anybody airbrushed soft plastic lures? If so,Can anybody tell me what type of paint I can use ? Any information would be appreciated. Thank you in advance
  3. Flo Orange Tail Dip

    Thanks DF1. When it comes to sent, pro-cure is what we use for saltwater fishing.never fails...
  4. Flo Orange Tail Dip

    Thanks alsworms and Rayburnguy. I already knew about spike it but it's really not the color I was looking for. Do you guys have the color formula so I could mix it? Maybe?
  5. Flo Orange Tail Dip

    I was wondering if anybody knew where I could find some flo orange tail dip. COLORITE use to make it but they are no longer in business. Any leads would be appreciated. Thank you in advance .
  6. Bone Color Formula Wanted

    Thanks smallmouthaholic, I'll give it a shot
  7. Bone Color Formula Wanted

    What kind of ratio are we talking about smallmouthaholic?
  8. Bone Color Formula Wanted

    I'm looking for the formula to make this bone color. Does anybody have a similar color they can share to achieve this? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. New bait for my arsenal

    Cool bait. Good luck with it..
  10. wtb...knurled nuts

    Hello everybody, I'm looking for these type of tall aluminum knurled nuts for my molds. Anybody have any for sale or know where I can buy them? Thanks in advance