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  1. Need advice on top coating a jointed bait...

    I’ve been dipping mine in KBS. Dip it slow and take it to where the blank sides start to turn into the hinge. I then take a q-tip dipped into KBS and apply it inside the V cut. I dip the tail first and after that has cured, I flip it and do the head. Works well for me. No stuck hinges (yet) and entire bait is covered.
  2. For the Deep

    Probably like pulling a dump truck. LoL
  3. For the Deep

  4. Getting Dialed In

    Improvement from the last I do think. I still need to work on better details on the next one.
  5. A Crappy Crappie

    Not exactly what I had in mind. Finally got fed up and stepped outside to fish for awhile. I did learn a few things on this one, so hopefully the next one is nicer.
  6. D2460460-7EDC-4B22-B497-D5A424F046BF.jpeg

    It’s nice in hand when that glare isn’t drowning out some of the upper color.
  7. Reversed Citrus Shad with Splatter Back

    That’s a Dinger Custom Baits D65. Nice solid blanks, eyes come with them.
  8. 958F62EE-C730-4A35-B304-1698EBFF0300.jpeg

    She’s not the sexiest, but it’ll fish.
  9. Cedar cranks

    That’s sexy smooth.
  10. Old Dirty

    Thanks ddl. Just started painting this blank and I love it. Nice “canvas” to work with.
  11. Old Dirty

    Thanks, it’s definitely unique the way it changes in all the lighting.