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  1. 2018 Coolest Lure Contest Results!

    Congratulations to everyone that won. The craftsmanship and art work is top notch. Also, Thanks to everyone involved with putting on this contest and giving us the opportunity.
  2. Painting Chatter Bait Blades

    To be honest min is just a home made thing. I have a fish tank air pump (Milton air 200) some tubing for air line, a small valve that is screwed into a pvc pipe cut about 3” tall and my cups are pvc that fit into the 3”. The bottom of the cups have an air stone type material that air can pass through. They are simple to make and cheap if you make it. I haven’t looked online but I bet there are all types of do it yourself videos. You can also find them online at auction type sites. They work well for all your jig head or anything you can dip in the cup powder painting.
  3. Painting Chatter Bait Blades

    Yes Sir, those are nice and clean. That’s the best way I have found. Love a green pumpkin blade as well.
  4. Painting Chatter Bait Blades

    I get mine just warm enough to take powder paint when dipped into a fluid bed. Nice even coverage that doesn’t add weight and doesn’t affect the action at all. If you want to darken a blade and give it a burnt metal or gun metal look you can take a torch and heat it while watching the color change. Both were mentioned above and they both work great. You can also airbrush and dip in KBS but that’s some work and can be aggravating.
  5. FEF6EDF2-131E-4362-AB56-61044F8D8DDD.jpeg

    1 oz. 7-8” long. Airbrushed head, double tied bucktail with saddle hackle for tail.
  6. Painted on a DCB7. First time I ever tried for a “realistic” look.