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  1. J.Bowerman

    One of my favorites.

    That’s a beast right there. I don’t have the patience to get one dialed in and run right as far as design goes.
  2. J.Bowerman

    One of my favorites.

    This is another master that I did.
  3. J.Bowerman


    Thanks, I appreciate the compliments.
  4. J.Bowerman


    To be honest I can’t remember where I got them from, I’ve had them for years and used them on jigs. I need to order more myself. I am looking for them again and when I find them I’ll let you know.
  5. J.Bowerman


    Ohhhh yeah, you can feel it in your elbows.. They are definitely special. I like burning it right under the surface and watching in come out if the water like a fleeing shad. It’s a blade bait but it’s not your typical blade bait. The ledge fish here in East Tennessee love them.
  6. J.Bowerman


    Thank you.
  7. J.Bowerman


    Thank You.
  8. Really awesome work!