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  1. great job! I need to do something like this
  2. jay42782

    "Antique Treasure Craw"

    wow nice work
  3. I can only speak for one crankbait...lol But water between 7 coats of paint Finished with Wicked Colors Createx cleaner clean as a whislte I'm sure the pro's will chime in
  4. 100% success!!!! I put on a second coat of REALLY well mixed D2T about 5 hours ago before leaving to take care of some things To my suprise upon checking the crankbait I was actually able to hold it for the first time! should have a fully cured bait once and for all soon I could not have figured this out without the help from you folks here I can't thank you all enough!!
  5. thanks for the info!being my first painted crankbait I was hoping I could find a (newbie repair option) the devcon I purchased came in the dual tube (syringe) I belive would be the term so I fugured dummy proof for my first attemp where I messed up was mixing it in the bottom half of a 16.9 fluid OZ water bottle with my application brush for about ooooh....5 seconds
  6. Thank you Ben!! I'm going to give that a try!
  7. Thats what i was afraid of.pretty sure I did NOT stir well enough
  8. So just clear coated my first crankbait with Devcon 2 ton 30 minute clear more than 24 hours ago and it's still really tackky? I have never done this before but went to ace hardware.bought the epoxy.came home and opened it and seemed like it came out in equal quantities.i just cleared my first ever painted bait and nervous I did something wrong?climate control during all set time has been between 70-72 in my basement? is this normal?
  9. jay42782

    20150531 132247

    first crankbait I painted
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