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  1. A leather hole punch from hobby lobby works good
  2. Could you please add a picture of your mold of how you modified it
  3. Can you post pictures of your mold where I can see how you did the screw lock
  4. Does anyone have a good white bass recipe pattern that they would like to share
  5. Any thoughts on sealing with KBS diamond coat
  6. How many grams of lead do you weight a balsa b1 and balsa b2
  7. Andyco

    Custom Bull Gills

    Those are beautiful, you wouldn't want to share that pumpkin seed recipe would you
  8. Ok dumb question, but what is the propionate and where do you get it
  9. Ok newbie here so please enlighten me as to why I shouldn't use a syringe with a rubber end.
  10. Got it!! Thank you very much, I was thinking about warming placing it in warm water
  11. So highwayman... asking and not being a smart @ss how do you warm it and not heat it
  12. What is the ratio or how much do you add
  13. Yeah that's what I thought you're talking about, lol Yeah that's what I got a message about earlier
  14. What do you guys mean foot steps??
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