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  1. Richard Prager, Im looking for the jointed one with the tail.
  2. Anyone know where to get some unpainted glide baits ?
  3. How about odor? I need something that has little to no odor and isnt harmful. I paint and coat in our basement
  4. I have ordered from Cedar Run and have not found anything wrong with the blanks. In fact he even sent me extras and also some blanks that I didnt order to see if I would like them. Thats impressive to me and says alot about the seller. I agree with the Shelts.. the Little Johns do seem to be ko of ko but they do run nice. I know alot of ppl here dont care for Shelts but Ive ordered from him a couple times and havent really had any problems. There are a few other sellers that have been messaged to me that I will be using here in the very near future. They carry blanks that the other 2 mentioned above do not. This is a great place to get information and Im greatful for all the replies Ive received to my questions. Everyone here is eager to help. Im pretty new at this so my experience isnt nearly as great as the others on here...
  5. Do you find that you have "heavy" spots of glitter when you sprinkle it on. The one thing I like when adding it to epoxy is that it is mixed into the epoxy and is dispursed randomly but yet not spotty if that makes sense. I would think that sprinkling it would increase the risk of heavy spots.
  6. I use a paddle bit and put a bottle on it then wrap it a few times with tape, put it in my cordless and run it for 30 seconds... you can also use a drywall mixing bit but its a bit large.. either one would work.
  7. Can you add glitter to envirotek lite when topcoating like you can with DT2?
  8. Does anyone have a recipe they would share for Texas Red?
  9. That was very well said Dave. I still have to ask though.. how do I know that what I get is from America? All these blanks that are being sold all look alike. Withouth having the proper knowledge and testing equipment to weigh it, plastic density, etc etc I would have to go by their word. I still havent found any blanks that I feel comfortable in taking someones word that its made in America and not imported. Especially when Im told its almost impossible to purchase them without spending a few K. Do you know of anyone that is actually selling blanks not imported? I have purchased blanks few times in my short time with this hobby and even the ones Ive purchased in America are imported but the shipping was much quicker (so far). Just trying to figure all this out and find a supplier I know I can go to and trust for my future needs. Thanks all for the replys
  10. Just for my knowledge, I was under the assumption that most if not all blanks were coming from another country, mainly China. I have only been painting for almost 2 months now and have tried to research this as best as I could. I have asked some ebay sellers, custom lure painters, painters selling on social media sites that are advertising custom painted baits for sale if they were ko and if so were they imports. Most if not all ( cant be sure anymore) have replied with a yes, that they were imported. Im not trying to create any hard feelings or point fingers or anything like that. Im only trying to gain knowledge of where to buy the best blanks. If most (if not all) lure blanks are imported then can someone please explain the difference in a quality blank? Im guessing that all the ones sold in the USA that are imports have been checked thoroughly for decects, that they run straight,, etc. therefore are of better "quality" ? For someone new to the hobby as myself this can be a bit confusing. I was also told that if there are blanks made in the USA that are not ko's then you would have to buy in bulk (meaning a few thousand dollars or more) just to be able to purchase them. But then again I have also been told that even the name brand lures are all made in another country and are in fact "imports" themselves. Again, you can see how this can be a bit confusing to someone new at this. Im just trying to gain some knowledge here and trust this site tremendously. Thanks and hope this is making sense.
  11. I received my last order and all was good. . My experience has been all positive and I would not hesitate to order from him again. In fact I know I will be ordering again. I havent used the white version of the rattle bait yet but will test it tomorrow. I did get a message from him last night asking if I would test and get back with him. I am certain that if there is any problem with them he will correct it. Hope this helps others if they are looking for any of the blanks he carries. I think what I like most is that he is quick to ship, quick to reply to any questions I may have and also to make sure I am happy with the products.
  12. I can understand that.. Musky can dang sure tear baits up
  13. Whats your opinion on clearcoating the bills of crankbaits? The bills on some of the blanks I have arent clear. I put a clearcoat on one last night and it looks 100% better. Im just not certain it wont affect the way the lure works in the water. Anyone ever coat their bills?
  14. I have a pancake compressor myself but didnt want to use it in my basement because of the noise so I went searching. I ended up buying a small airbrush compressor at Harbor Freight for like $60.00. I was a little aprehensive because Im not a fan of buying electric tools from them. I have in the past and they werent that great. However, I absolutely love this little compressor. Its small, compact and quiet compared to my larger one. I have had it 6 weeks and use it almost every night. No problems. You can get coupons for 20% off. I didnt want to wait til the flyer came in the mail so I just bought it at the regular price. Good Luck but thats what I would recommend
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