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  1. crab05

    Iwata HP-CS trigger sticking

    That's what I'm saying,don't use it. It caused me the same problem, a guy told me so I used the oil he recommended and mine is still going strong with no sticking.
  2. crab05

    Blank crank banks

    He doesn't carry junk,great guy
  3. crab05

    Iwata HP-CS trigger sticking

    I don't use the blue oil that comes with them because it causes that problem . I use paasche and haven't had the problem since.
  4. crab05

    Looking For A Top Lure Painter

    Sent pm
  5. crab05

    I have almost all his stencils,they are high quality! Customer service is next to none. Great guy
  6. crab05

    Lol thanks bud
  7. crab05

    Sorry guys I got the email address wrong it's Once again sorry guys!!!
  8. crab05

    Hey no problem at all any time I can help anyone let me know!!!
  9. crab05

    Ben only other way is send him an email and he will send you pics and prices.
  10. crab05

    Let me message him and I'll get back to you
  11. crab05

    Crawfish Color Paints

    Try badger woods and water
  12. crab05

    Never returned my e-mails so I purchased insane custom stencils on Facebook. Russ Allen is the guys name,he has taken care of me. Great customer service
  13. crab05

    Epoxying Topwater Poppers

    Bulldog clamps is what I use
  14. crab05

    Sexxy shad

    Awesome paint
  15. crab05

    S crank

    Thank you sir