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  1. MarkNY

    foiled cranks

    Love that scale technique! How much time does that add to the process? Thanks, Mark
  2. MarkNY

    Striper Surface Lures

    Finished 3 walk the dog/ surface gliders recently. They are hand carved from poplar, 2 1/2"- 092 wire screw eyes, finished with createx and polytranspar paints and etex clear coat. About 6" long and 2oz. If you look close you'll see some progression starting from the back to front. I started rounding and tapering tail transition, moved line tie to bottom and on last bait on left bottom flat in front hoping for a planing effect. First two tested great, haven't tested the last one yet. Can get a nice walk the dog action and when I'm patient enough can get a nice side to side glide. Can also rip
  3. MarkNY

    cedar perch bait

    Fantastic. Man you are cranking them out!
  4. MarkNY

    Ready for foil

    Thanks for the tips. I have to try this out...
  5. MarkNY

    Ready for foil

    Ahh ok. I could see how leafing foil would work well for that. I've used it but not on a textured surface. Mark
  6. MarkNY

    Ready for foil

    What kind of foil do you use over that? Can you use hvac tape or is that too thick? Thanks, Mark
  7. MarkNY

    cedar diver

    Very nice. Thanks.
  8. MarkNY

    cedar diver

    Incredible. And that goes for all that you have posted recently. Did you bevel the front edge of the lip on this one? mark
  9. MarkNY

    Fatfingers Flatshad

    Love it. Amazing paint. I take it you have some clear coat in between layers of paint?
  10. MarkNY

    Cedar cranks.JPG

    Man you're killing it. Makes me want to get back at it. Thanks for the motivation!
  11. MarkNY

    1.5 cedar squarebill

    Love the large pupil on the eyes too. Great lure. Mark
  12. I'm certainly no expert but I do use polytranspar paint and etex together. One thing I always do is spray the lure before topcoat with etex gloss spray. Seems to work well for me. Haven't had any issues like you describe. Good luck, Mark
  13. MarkNY

    Cedar squarebills

    Outstanding! I love that kind of Mountain Dew green.
  14. Don't have an answer to your question but that is a great looking bait. That scale pattern looks similar to a pattern I've seen on Salmo lures. Good stuff. Do you know who the maker of that bait is?
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