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  1. Wood Densities

    DoubleT, I find w.r.c great for gliders, have toyed with cnc mould and foam type resin for a particular model maybe down the line , also toyed with using resin with balsa or closed cell foam core for a big crank bait..
  2. primer sealer?

    Ddl, if you start with white base/primer , you can then paint over with any colour to achieve the shade you want. If you start with darker base/primer , you have limited your shade options severely ,straight away. You can achieve any shade/colour over white , but not grey. You can use transparents layered on white to achieve bright colours, and add transparent black for darker shade. If you use grey primer with transparents your colours will be very dark. You can use opaque colours on grey but why handicap yourself ? Regardless of whether your using opaques or transparents, you can't go wrong with bright white base. Metallics tend to look better over opaque black, but again you can paint a black back on a white lure then spray metallic over that part if for instance you wanted a silver back on lure........glider
  3. Foil

    Stretcher, there is a way of applying hot stamp foil using heat and a silicone slab ,I've not properly tested it thoroughly myself yet but looks promising. ....glider
  4. Foil

    Hi dale, I've posted previously about using hot stamp foil and tacky epoxy/glue to foil complete lure. Its a bit tricky but can be done. Depending on lure shape and size you can just about cover some with aluminium tape, I use venture tape , and with practice you can cover certain lure shapes almost completely ....glider
  5. Airbrushing Large Baits

    DoubleT, as above regarding proper drying. When I'm heat setting layers I try not to make overly hot because it can make paint briefly sticky. If I need to put bait down for stencils or whatever, I give a blast of cooler air after hot -using hairdryer settings. Also ,plexiglass or smooth shiny surfaces are going to be stickier, I use paper towel or sketch pad paper to lay lure on if needed for painting and don't have issues with paint sticking or coming off . My opinion,Having paint too warm going on to plexiglass will be main problem ........glider
  6. Best epoxy clearcoat

    Wish I could buy by the gallon over here woodieb8, doesn't work out any cheaper no matter the quantity for me. Bummer !
  7. Sealing Wood

    Next best thing I suppose dale......
  8. 20170814_152728-1.jpg

    Thanks guy's ...
  9. 20170814_153219-1.jpg

  10. 20170814_153628.jpg

  11. 20170814_160140.jpg

  12. 20170814_155407.jpg

  13. 20170814_155729.jpg

  14. 20914604_776624912517426_4997337790790945981_n.jpg

    Looks a beauty J.P, a lot of work gone into that......glider