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  1. No problem at all curt ,sorry to hear that, hope all goes well........glider
  2. No,I sent message to t.u dave , but nada ....glider
  3. Thanks dave, I did send message but no reply yet, I would delete my attachments if I knew how. I was going to share my lure turner lure holding method using neodymium magnets cause I thought someone might also find it useful, a few pics explain easily something that sounds more complicated when using only words ........glider
  4. Hey guy's, not the most computer literate! Tried to post in hardbaits with some pictures to illustrate, says have reached limit of attachments. I see I can look at all my previous attachments but can't see how to delete, thus allowing me to post attachments again ? Seen old post by vman describing procedure but suspect it's maybe changed since then, thanks.....glider
  5. He stuck with it dave and had many more crashes ! Then decided to learn to drive and in his own words- passed test after 8 attempts purely by luck, went with him to get third used car, 5 minutes later it was wrote off , came over brow of hill and blinded by low sun and proceeded to drive straight into a wall and hedgerow !
  6. Ha ! My 55 year old buddy declared he would take up cycling to work but asked if I would accompany him for a practice cycle as he assured me he had never rode a bike, absolutely never believed him till he went ten yards straight into a new merc sls ! After an hour and numerous crashes I was worn out laughing, on a serious note ,within a week he had crashed off 2 buses ....glider
  7. Unlikely to have the same bounce off structure in my opinion.
  8. Your gonna need a bigger barn.......
  9. Chunky pike lures,carved cedar wild trout variant.
  10. Thanks fishing2,with suitably stiff rod they're not difficult to work.....glider
  11. Foiled cedar gliders,8 inch
  12. Whitaker201, I think you'll find t.u to be a great site, friendly and a great resource with something for everyone. From beginner to grizzled veterans! Good luck with the crankbait building (there's still time to go back to wire and metal ) ........glider