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  1. gliders

    Need help with glide bait

    fnf, if you want it to go side to side on retrieve , try making the front profile more rounded and bulbous. Most gliders I've used and make will go side to side on straight retrieve depending on speed, though not designed primarily to do this....
  2. gliders

    Need help with glide bait

    hey fnf. have you tried jerking the lure ?
  3. gliders

    Merry Christmas & New Years

    And from Scotland..
  4. gliders

    Epoxy question

    hey turtlela, 8 hours turning should be plenty, so thats not the problem. Possibly the amount you're applying ? p.s , no need at all to let sit before applying, is the uneven thickness caused by fish eye (contamination) ?
  5. gliders

    Epoxy question

    turtlela, how long are you leaving on spinner ?
  6. gliders

    primer not sticking

    out of interest spoonpluger, what are you sealing with ,and which zinsser primer ?....glider
  7. gliders

    Glitter nail polish

    Another option is mix some nail glitter in a suitable clear base..
  8. gliders

    Big prop baits

    Thanks guy's, Benton.b, that was one I have looked at, I'll probably end up making several prototypes and experiment. .glider
  9. gliders

    Big prop baits

    Hi all, looking for any helpful info on prop type surface lures. I build lots of spook type surface lures ,but prop type lures are not used regularly over this way. I'm intending to build some large pike size - 6-8 inch double prop lures. I'm using the propeller shape props and plan on 1 at each end. I will either make them spook shaped ,or possibly shad type shape. These will probably be red cedar. I intend to ballast them for stability , casting distance and more importantly - attitude on surface at rest . I would imagine any type of walk the dog type action would be highly unlikely ? That being the case, what is the preferred attitude of this type of lure when resting on surface ? I'm thinking fairly low on surface ,slightly tail down . Appreciate any input if anyone builds and /or fishes this type of bait. Thanks..glider..
  10. gliders

    Preserving carving details

    I've heated under grill till they felt fairly warm but not what you would call hot. I personally don't thin ,as I've found it gets pretty thin when applying to the warm blank. Wait 5 mins after removing lure from heat before applying. ..
  11. gliders

    Very good to be back

    Good stuff, look forward to seeing some new lures...
  12. gliders


    Thanks h.d, appreciated. ..
  13. gliders


    Thanks all eyes, appreciated..
  14. gliders

    Preserving carving details

    You could do away with spar urethane and seal by heating lure before applying e-tex ,using just enough to soak in. Heating the wood makes it suck the e-tex in as it cools....
  15. gliders

    Envirotex lite 30 min epoxy mixing

    Bonepile, if you really have to handle lure, do what mark suggested. If you actually had oily hands when you handled your lures, then they may well have had it. If your paint is bone dry and preferably heat set, it is possible to clean very gently with luke warm water and a small amount of washing up liquid - literally a few very gentle wipes or you risk lifting paint. .glider