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    Cedar top waters
  2. gliders


    Cedar top waters
  3. Hey bonepile, I also use wood stir sticks. It does not add bubbles or any other issues. I don't think it's bad Etex either. I also use a lot of glitter, I have found like yourself that certain glitters repel E-tex more than others. Personally I find the next coat catches it fine , however I'm considering cleaning the glitter that is most prone to this in soapy water. I wonder if it may be down to the actual surface finish of the glitter though, I'm going to clean the glitter most prone to this and see if it makes any difference in a day or two, will give you a shout with result.if it is conta
  4. Unfortunately, when it comes to tech I'm a few pixels short of a gigliobyte....glider
  5. I think its a really unfortunate drawback to this great forum, that once you have posted a certain ammount of pics ( even if few and far between) you are unable to ever post anymore due to using up attachments quota. I find it less interesting when you are unable to see pic's of various experiments from the likes of guy's like 'vodkaman 'and probably lots of others, because they are no longer able to illustrate with pictures. Is there no way for old attachments to be deleted , or something else that could be done to solve this ! FREE OUR ATTACHMENTS T.A ! FREE THE VMAN ! (and anyone else
  6. I've also used most of those of those methods above chuck, would be interesting to compare different methods results, but unfortunately not able to post pics here-only in gallery, due to 'attachments full' ...glider..
  7. I make big pike cranks from western red cedar which seems ideal, you could use epoxy coats over balsa to create a tough shell. You could also seal with epoxy. ...glider
  8. You can clear over nail glitter no problem. .
  9. gliders

    8 inch foiled glider

    Based on local sea run browns,slow sink ,meranti hardwood. ..
  10. gliders


    8 inch hardwood gliders, gold glitter perch
  11. gliders

    foiled cranks

    Nice A.A ...
  12. gliders

    Bone Prop Bait

    Apreciated. .
  13. Hey chuck, I started a thread a while back to try to get some sort of glossary of terms regarding solvent based laquer, laquer based etc. Is a quagmire....When Mentioning laquer over here, there's talk of crushed beetle wings !......glider
  14. No bass over my way, think anything would eat that though. Nice..
  15. gliders


    5,7 and 8 inch hardwood gliders, 2 pictures in different light showing the effect of iridescent shimmer over fluorescence. .
  16. gliders


    5,7 and 8 inch hardwood gliders, 2 pictures in different light showing the effect of iridescent shimmer over fluorescence. .
  17. gliders

    Bone Prop Bait

    Looks nice, can I ask where you bought those props ? Been looking for that shape..
  18. Hey chuck, I'm not implying your confused, I was saying the terms laquer, laquer based etc. Can suggest different things in different parts of the world. I personally only use bin on lures I intend to be smooth. Only on sealed lures, and always with multiple epoxy top-coats. When it comes to bin curing unevenly indoors and the re-coat issues when used on walls etc. , I have never had this issue when spraying my lures with the method I described - not once on many hundreds of lures. Regardless of multiple top coats, every pike lure will get pierced through the layers to the wood, and I've not h
  19. Try finding a suitably sized container and dipping ddl, it can be done ...
  20. Yes ddl, that sounds too small. As huesey suggested - you could try dipping them, I've also done this but prefer spraying. I got the best results by dipping and hanging them the way they come out, my results with dipping and putting on turner were not good, I think because of consistency (viscosity ) combined with quick drying time. Definitely worth considering dip and hang though...glider
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