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  1. Spot on musky glen I.m.o. just lower bit a tad, leave small gap, sand.use good quality bit for less tear out .
  2. Llokkii, one other thing, how do you fair with fire tiger/chatereuse patterns?
  3. Thanks reply lokki, seems like visibility your main priority where you fish.The Scottish lochs I fish tend to be clear or peat/tannin stained, and I have found lures with flat glitter can be as effective or more more effective depending on amount of sunlight. What I find is on the realy bright days the more subtle flash of flat glitter produces more takes.
  4. Cheers ben, similar but not same, Going to give it a try and experimenting with some industrial concrete epoxy 2 pack's at same time , had some poor results with 1 coat concrete sealer, let you know how it goes! !
  5. Pike and muskie guys, overall do you find glitter or foiled lures more productive. Obviously some conditions favour one over the other, but over a season what do you catch most with?
  6. Hi all, I am still looking at various options for an alternative sealer to thinned epoxy.Rustins plastic coat is a 2 part product made in u.k which sets in 2 hours and is being used for wood guitars ,furniture etc.Does anyone have any experience of this product? I realise unlikely in U.S etc., however if any of you guys with chemistry knowledge could have a look I would be very interested in your opinions .cheers
  7. Cheers salty,s but seems harder to get hold of in u.k., am erring toward sticking with epoxy , however a dip able hard sealer appeals. Thanks again
  8. Thanks bobp, good food for thought.I like e-tex as hard seal /barrier for same reasons, going to have another look at wooden boat epoxies of which there are lots made here and less costly than imported u.s. stuff ,cheers.
  9. Hello again bob, just found solarez sanding resin at 30 quid a litre, is this what you are using ? Can it be thinned? Cheers
  10. Cheers bobp , thats the price from shops in u.k, just to clarify I get good results with thinned e-tex for primer/sealer but wondered if there was now a propionate type mix that was as good but quicker./easier especialy when doing a number of big lures at a time.Years ago I use to use sanding sealer with o.k. results but settled e-tex last 2 years.i wonder if a good ,modern ,possibly resin based sanding sealer would give a similar but more consistent result to prop.Going have a look at make up of some to see if any are basically dissolved plastic, any thoughts appreciated.
  11. Cheers guys might give solarez a try , unfortunately it works out just over 100 dollars a quart here.
  12. Cheers dave, I use 4to5 coats etex topcoats as it is for pike , so dont like sound of ten dips to achieve what I get with 1 of thinned epoxy
  13. Thanks reply bobp, have tried most options in past and keep coming back to epoxy, might give the solarez a try though, have used similar for flies in past and d2t for same.How do you find its self levelling properties v etex?
  14. Cheers nathan, looks like cups etc. a bit hit and miss, I am trying to see if there is better alternative to thin epoxy as a 1 coat sealer/primer prior to ballast that is as durable but quicker. The plus for me with epoxy is it is another hard barrier layer ,but always looking for any better options.how would you rate prop in this respect?
  15. Cheers replies guys, have been using slightly thinned e-tex for a while now and good results, drying time a pain though. Might look into polyester , sounds interesting.i make a number of jerk/gliders, from meranti for pike which is quite grainy, the e-tex seals and smooths prior to paint, foil etc. But bit of a pain due to time scale prior to weighting. P.s.we do get plenty sun here, nearly 3 full days last month.
  16. Sorry if going over old ground, I currently seal with epoxy, however I would like to try propionate sealer, problem is I cant source prop granules in scotland, tried eurolures many times no reply.searching net produces suggestions for variety of plastic cups , packing material etc.have any of you guys come up with an easy to obtain ,proven over time substitute for prop granules? I imagine cups, packing materials etc. Are made from various plastics so would produce various results, any good time proven advice much appreciated. Cheers
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