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    Hi dan, I will be doing more of these at some point, if you're on Facebook send me a friend request - Peter Temple custom jerkbaits (scotland )
  2. Chuck, I think there's confusion across countries with the names and meanings of various solvents and laquers etc. Bin is alcohol based pigmented shellac. I use it -as opposed to airbrush primers because when doing a lot of large baits it gives a perfect white base coat/primer over scuffed, epoxy sealed wood lures. Because I shoot through a spray gun ,the bin can be used in much thicker consistency than possible with an airbrush /airbrush primer. One coat on an 8 inch lure takes about 10 seconds, 2 coats 30 minutes apart gives complete coverage. Let dry for 1-2 days depending on temperature e
  3. Ddl, I take it you are making muskie size lures ? The rattle cans are great if you don't intend making too many. If your making a fair few regularly then the spray gun is the way to go, you will need a different hose and fitting from your airbrush hose. I'm sure as big blue says, you'll get a suitable set up from harbour freight. We don't have harbour freight over here but I can have a look to find one similar to mine, this is basically a generic cheap gun, 1.4mm nozzle . Zinsser bin slightly thinned is still VERY thick compared with anything you could put through an airbrush. ..
  4. I use bin after sealing, as a white primer prior to paint. Use a cheap auto type spray gun, lays down very well. Dries flat. I find it very good for priming large lures very quickly. Had zero issues with water damage even when top coats are pierced, which they are regularly with pike. I've left a floating lure (which had caught lots of pike) attached to a bhouy underwater at mercy of waves etc. For 3 months as a test. No issues - cleaned the algae and dirt off and good to go......
  5. Thanks all eyes, appreciated. .
  6. Some recent glider builds, 7 and 8 inch slow sink
  7. Some recent glider builds, 7 and 8 inch slow sink
  8. Some recent glider builds, 7 and 8 inch slow sink
  9. Some recent glider builds, 7 and 8 inch slow sink
  10. Some recent glider builds, 7 and 8 inch slow sink
  11. Some recent glider builds, 7 and 8 inch slow sink
  12. Some recent glider builds, 7 and 8 inch slow sink
  13. Some recent glider builds, 7 and 8 inch slow sink
  14. gliders


    Your perch patterns are beauties All eyes. .
  15. gliders


    7 inch glitter pattern ,hardwood glider.
  16. gliders


    7 inch glitter pattern ,hardwood glider.
  17. I also use half cured epoxy method ,either lightly sprinkled or completely covered. Can't put pic's on here,will put in gallery if someone wants a look. Like A.A said,I'd be wary using your finger to smooth out...
  18. gliders


    Thanks AA and WD, was pretty sure the spelling was wrong ! Thats the one WD, Back in the day, a uk company starting importing American lures, a friend who has some in tatters and wearing rose tinted specs asked about getting some made and painted in original patterns. ..Thanks ..glider
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    Wonder if any of you guy's know of , or have pictures of an old topwater prop type lure called something like a dippdidee or dippedy d . I think possibly a muskie lure ? , thanks, glider..
  20. Aussies make the best homebrew tools pete . Was worth sending you all out there for that alone , personaly I would let some of you back in ....
  21. gliders

    T Trebles

    I've also used the small loom bands kids play with to hold belly hook in place till taken by pike..
  22. gliders

    T Trebles

    Decoy t- trebles, only to 1/0 I think though. Savagegear used to do bigger size t- trebles and I regret not buying up more before they disappeared. I've also 'T,d big savagegear Y trebles as well as mustad ...glider
  23. Living near the clyde, I go for 'clyde built' - drill holes,scuff and slow cure epoxy !
  24. Don't listen to woodieb8 dinger, your not doomed getting into making wood musky /pike lures. Its an easy and relaxing hobby ,and think of the thousands of pounds you could save. Nor does it require 70 hours a week, 40-50 hours per week is fine to start with for first year or two !
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