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  1. Just re-read pickadoll ,if it's seriously big and deep ballast holes, surely just fill with dowel or foam ? Then re- balance with new ballast hole ? much easier and less messy and wont take a huge amount of epoxy if it's 50 big ballast holes . Hope you get it sorted o.k . ......glider
  2. If its critically balanced gliders david, I've used closed cell foam or balsa dowel which adds slightest of bohyancy. Glue in hole leaving enough room to add tiny bit of whatever lead needed to balance before filling with your usual filler. It does mean ballast adjusting and tank testing each one though ......glider
  3. Wishing all you guy's a good new year .......glider
  4. Sorry, I tend to think in terms of big pike size lures ! the few smaller minnow sized ones I make I use a bandsaw. ...
  5. Mark, why not measure o,ring with micrometer and order from eBay o,ring suppliers, I've ordered nitrile o,rings of various exact sizes no problem ...
  6. I use a tool compressor, you can have moisture trap on compressor no problem, I use a small inline trap attached to airbrush and have no issues with mosture. One big advantage I've found no one has really mentioned is, with a big capacity compressor you can turn off compressor when full and used stored air for quite a few lures in silence ....glider
  7. I made a sled and jig for cutting slots in large crank blanks in the square. With flat sided cranks you can cut slot on shaped lure if needed. One advantage of cutting on finished lure is perfect clean finish around slot with no unsightly buildup of multiple epoxy coats around slot . I also planned on using my jig to do this on big jake type lures, just finished making a batch for someone and didn't want to risk it though ! Will be trying it with a few completed lures next batch to see how it goes...
  8. Pondbuster custom balsa crankbait bill slot jig
  9. One you might want a look at - Search pondbuster lip cutting machine on youtube,
  10. Think of the time you saved though pete. ...
  11. Just like to wish all a good new year, great site, great resource and keep it up old and new !
  12. Iook forward too seeing them k.h
  13. Jonister , hopefully hazmail pete will drop by and give you better info on this style. For sure a lot of that style lure have no additional ballast and some do . They tend to have heavy duty hardware and hooks which act as ballast, also they are often made with slightly harder and more dense timber ....
  14. Seems a good choice j , if you add pearl white you can tint it with transparent colours ,or paint pearl over base white then use transparent colours over top for different effect. Fluorescent colours are also transparent and need to go over white to be effective, so you will go through a lot of white......
  15. gliders

    8 inch meranti gliders

    Thanks Woodieb8, wonder how they'd go on muskie george ? these are designed for slow lazy glides in cold water , the 7 inch version can be fished quick. ....peter
  16. So far so good mark, watch this space.........
  17. Looks good vman, the music -well errr ....
  18. P.s , made the life expectancy bit up to cheer up the old geezers ...
  19. Should be good till I'm a hundred in that case archer !
  20. Good grief, you guy's are hardly old ! Your making me feel young now, a mere spring chicken at 50.............Unfortunately the life expectancy for males in my country is 42 - so I'm in the red..
  21. J, it's well worth learning to mix your own colours, like bob p says , black and white essential. I would also add transparent black . With red,blue and yellow you can make any colour, if you add pearl white,gold and silver and a few fluorescents you will have tons of options. If you go down this route then you will use a lot more yellow than red or blue. Personally I use lots of transparents. ..glider
  22. gliders

    Musky bait

    Nice lure all eyes, lot of work in that beaut. ..
  23. gliders

    6 inch cedar bait

    Very nice all eye's
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