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  1. I put my ac1315 in a jar to dip. I did shake it well before putting it in the jar but maybe I'm not shaking it up well enough before dipping. It seems if I get too much on the lid of the jar that it's a bear to open so I've just been swirling the jar before dipping. As far as the wrinkling goes I've eliminated almost all wrinkles with a dip in pledge and give it a full day to set up. Maybe get one or two small wrinkles in about 1 out of 5 baits by doin this.
  2. I have ac1315. I have had issues with it curing very well. Maybe my basement is too cool. I have a kitchen hood fan vented outside so I can dip it under that. Some baits dipped in ac1315 I could still easily dent with a fingernail after a week. Maybe I need to dip them and take them to the garage and let some heat get to them. I will give it a try. Thanks.
  3. I was brushing on the Solarez and I probably did get it on a bit too thick. I will try to grind it off of the bill and see if it is any better. The bait still works and is my first homemade bait that I have caught a fish on. It's just lacking a lot of the action it had before paint and topcoat.
  4. I am actually new to making baits. One of the first few I've done. I did have hooks fitted for initial test. I did get quite a bit of Solarez on the bill so I am assuming that is what really hurt the action. I'm still learning so each bait I seem to make some mistake that I at least learn from. I do appreciate all the answers i get to my questions on TU. I will give the scotch tape on the bill a try. Thanks.
  5. Just wondering what you guys do to keep your topcoat off of the bills. I made a nice jerkbait and was using Solarez on my lure turner. Didn't notice it but a big glob made its way onto the bill and got cured that way. After that the action was not even close to as good as it was before it was topcoated. I know the weight of the topcoat could factor in here but it was a huge difference in how the bait worked and I attribute most of it to the glob of Solarez on the front of the bill.
  6. Just like the tilts says. Has anyone used the veranda trim boards for making crankbaits. They have it at my local Home Depot in 1" thick pieces. I have been using asek but was thinking of this if I wanted to make something thicker than the 3/4" azek. This is a link to what I am talking about. http://m.homedepot.com/p/Veranda-1-in-x-2-1-2-in-x-10-ft-White-HP-Reversible-Cellular-PVC-Trim-H250XWS208/205833495/ This
  7. Bubbadoyle


    What makes this kind of bait a hard one. This is the type of bait I fish the most so I figured that is where I would start. I've made a couple failed attempts at shad rap style baits but for the most part have been successful with three of these. Just finished two more tonight that are ready for paint and topcoat.
  8. It's funny that I started this thread about crankbait bill thickness and it just so happens I was building a bait today and was thinking how would I build a bait without the painters tape. That was before coming on here and finding the thread had turned to blue painters tape. Lol. I do want to say thanks for everyone who answers my questions on here. I am in the process of building bait number 3 for me so I do have a lot of questions. I have a hard time getting specific info from the search on here. Definitely a helpful group of people on here.
  9. Thanks. That was what I was thinking. My bait has a little more subtle action than my store bought jerkbaits but still works pretty nice. So if a thinner bill gave it a little more action I wouldn't be disappointed. About my second cast just testing bait I had a nice largemouth follow it up to pier. Pretty nice to see it was at least interested in it even if it didn't bite. One thing I will say is this site is both a blessing and a curse. Love the new hobby and this site is a wealth of information but it has cost me a good bit of money. I figure the first bait cost about $300. Any after that one should be pretty cheap though.
  10. I've just started to make my own crankbaits. I just posted a picture of a jerkbait in the gallery. It is my first fishable bait I've made. I did make a shad rap imitation that I knew had some issues when I made it. It does not run right and it never will. It was a good learning experience. Anyways back to the topic. I made the bill for the jerkbait out of lexan. The only lexan I could find locally was the 3/32" stuff so that is what I used. It is a bit thicker than I wanted. Bait still runs nice. I did order a 1/16" polycarbonate sheet off of eBay for making bills. Will there be any difference in the action of the bait by making a thinner bill? What would the differences be between the thicknesses? Thanks.
  11. Bubbadoyle


    Thanks. This is the first bait I've made that is fishable. I made one shad rap imitation before this and learned a lot of things not to do. I'm looking forward to making some baits that are not commercially available. I really would like a jerkbait in between a size 9 and a size 11 rapala. This is the same as a 9. I figure I can scan my template and print it out to a larger scale to get what I want.
  12. Bubbadoyle


    Made of azek trim board. While it's not perfect I think it's a good start. It runs nice.
  13. Happy to hear you guys like the shelf. I've learned a lot from this forum and am happy to pass one of my ideas along to the rest of you. Just wish I could have got the picture to upload the right way. It flipped it upside down the first time so I edited the picture to be upside down and posted it again only to find out it is still upside down.
  14. Sorry if pic is upside down. Not sure how to fix it. I tried several times. Not sure what is going on. You get the idea anyway.
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