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  1. Socal399

    Sand worm mold

    Ok good to know thanks for the heads up I appreciate the help. I think I’m gonna have to save some money up and start getting quotes for a custom mold than. In the mean time I’m gonna look at other options with something that’s similar in size and shape.
  2. Socal399

    Sand worm mold

    Really didn’t know this was an option, I wonder how much they usually charge for this. Any idea?
  3. Socal399

    Sand worm mold

    I like that centipede mold that might just be my best option so far. Thanks walking dead! I thought about this as an option but was hoping to find something more similar to the sandworm with all the legs on the sides. Thanks mark for the idea. I appreciate it
  4. Socal399

    Sand worm mold

    Hey guys I’m a newbie here! Just deciding to try my hand at pouring baits. So please forgive me if I ask dumb questions! Lol. But here’s my first question, does anyone know where or if at all someone makes a 2” sandworm mold? I do a lot of surf fishing and I use the 2” sandworm from Berkley a lot and would love to create my own colors . But unfornatly I haven’t been able to find any mold online similar 2 inch sandworm . Any help would be awesome!