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  1. hey guys I'm looking for a mold that's is a 2" swim bait. Similar to the sierra slammer mini swim. here's some pics any help would be awesome.
  2. What type of silicone spray do u use? Does it make everything greasy
  3. Wow that morning dawn with the Chartreuse paddle tail look wicked!!!!
  4. Wow like your set up! Thanks for the pics and ideas. Still in the process of building up my bench and storage area for supplies. Like the idea of zip locks for leftovers. Might steal that one for sure lol
  5. No usually a real good shake for about a minute does the trick. I usually shake mine really well and don’t have that problem. Did u heat it to 350 degrees
  6. Did u make sure to mix the plastic really well before heating it up?
  7. I like to hear everyone’s opinions and thought on this too!!!!
  8. All this is great info and tips one thing I make sure to do after I'm finished each day is to take the injector apart and give it a good cleaning inside and out. I use a baby bottle brush I stole from my wife's kitchen, with a tiny bit rubbing alcohol. And this helps me clean out all the plastisol stuck to the walls left over inside the injector. than I lube up the inside of the injector and the O Rings on the plunger and tip. Then I put it back together and pump it a few times back and forth and its ready to go the next time I'm going to shoot baits. not sure if it anyone else does this but man it works great and keeps it clean and lubed up
  9. thanks to everyone for the help. I filed open the vents a tiny bit and now it works perfect!!!!! cant thank you guys enough. Man, I love this forum and the members
  10. thanks to everyone for the help gonna try this first before filing the mold for sure. What is the best way to preheat the molds?
  11. Do u think there’s a way to fix this mold or am I wasting my time
  12. I recently purchased a used aluminum mold off eBay and when I inject the plastic the tails aren’t coming out fully. It’s like the plastic is not making it far enough in.not sure if it’s the mold that’s the issue or if I’m calling it too right but Not sure what to try next. Here are some pics hopefully that will show better what I mean. Any help would be truest appreciated
  13. Hey guys, I’m a newbie and am curious if anyone has tried vacuum sealing there baits? I have a food saver was was wondering if They wouldn't Kink up during the storage process?
  14. Any way u can send them my way as well? I would truly appreciate it
  15. I for one am gonna follow this topic. Thanks for asking it. Sorry I couldn’t be of help!
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