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  1. Rip to a legend! Thank u bear for all u did for us bait makers
  2. Can you post some pictures?
  3. What brand plastic do you use? Maybe change to a different brand.
  4. I like deadon for hand pouring and bait plastics for injection
  5. Wow it looks totally different now? Hmmmmm???????
  6. Anyone know if angling A.i. is still selling there c block for the bass tackle twin injector? I searched there website but didn’t see it on there.
  7. There’s a newer company out called epic molds anyone order from them as of yet?
  8. I buy silicone “mold Release and conditioner”. At about every 25 pours or so I wipe them clean and spray them down with it and let it dry. Seems to make them last longer for me. I get it on amazon I think castin craft is the maker
  9. Socal399


    I just ordered bass tackles 6oz twin injector las Monday and got it on Friday. I know it shows I there website the single is sold out but u might want to call them and see if that is actually true.
  10. hey guys I'm looking for a mold that's is a 2" swim bait. Similar to the sierra slammer mini swim. here's some pics any help would be awesome.
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