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  1. +1 Also, you might be applying too much pressure when injecting.
  2. BTS 707 Craw https://www.btsmolds.com/craw/707-craw
  3. I make my own baits mostly just for myself but I also make some for a few guys in my club. I sell to them at cost. More recently word has spread and others have started asking me to make them baits. I've been making some profit on those orders but not much. This got me thinking about what I'm allowed to sell and what I'm not. (lets just forget the fact I don't have a business license) I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to sell senkos using the official senko mold from Do-it, but what about other molds? Is everything else fair game to sell? Some of the molds out there are obviously rip-off
  4. Red with black pearl? I've never tried it but in the mental image I have right now it looks great!
  5. 10oz injector? That thing must be huge. I suggest you try the different salts and see what your preference is, any of them will work. Microwave will be more than fine. You only need a pot if you plan on doing larger production runs. I stir with a cheap butter knife, its flat on both sides which makes it easier to wipe off excess plastic. Make sure you have at least two Pyrex or Ancor measuring cups to heat up the plastic in.
  6. Try this guy: http://baitmold.com/custom-bait-molds/ Not aluminum but it might be an acceptable and cheaper alternative.
  7. Amazon has deals on them sometimes. I snagged one for 16.99 + free shipping.
  8. I emailed BT and they said the two color blending block does work with the triple injector. (minus one injector of course) So this: https://www.basstackle.com/TRIPLE_INJECTOR_p/tripleinjector.htm plus this: https://www.basstackle.com/Blending_Block_p/blendingblockdual.htm should be everything needed to shoot 2 or 3 color laminates. I placed an order for both so I'll find out for sure once they get here.
  9. I've been injecting with a single do-it injector for a few years and I figure it's a good time for me to start making double and triple laminates. My question is if I buy the BT triple injector will the BT dual color blending block fit on it? I'm trying to avoid buying both the full triple and double injector setups. Thanks.
  10. Nobody sells baits from either of these molds? If anyone on these boards has either of these molds I'd send some $ your way for a few samples.
  11. I'm looking to buy a mold similar to the 6 inch roboworm. I'm wondering if you guys know of anyone who sells baits made with the BTS 155 mold or the Bass Tackle 156 mold? I'd like to buy a pack of each and check them out.
  12. Maybe dip the nose is a harder plastic? A harder outer coating might be enough to achieve the desired result.
  13. C0MRAD

    BTS Bite Me Craw Mold

    Looking for a BTS "Bite Me" craw mold. 4 inch, not the junior.
  14. Hello everyone, I was looking at the "Bite Me" craw mold on BTS and was thinking about purchasing. The pictures for that particular mold are lousy, I was hoping someone here could post some decent pics of the finished product? Any opinions on the mold? I tried using the contact form on BTS to ask if they could send a sample but got no response. Thanks.
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