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  1. Looking for the older Eagle Claw 730BP hooks. The new ones are the needle point, I don't want those. I want the older lazer sharp hooks.
  2. Looking for someone that makes a mold for 3/16oz head with a barb. I know do-it makes a mold but I don't care for the barb they offer. I like the barb that is offered on the old hilts mold and the pro do-it mold in 1/4oz.
  3. Looking for some older style eagle claw 730 bp hooks. I have found some old platinum ones but I am looking for black platinum. I have covered all suppliers and eBay. Hoping someone has some laying around and not going to use them.
  4. Jaderhold

    Eagle Claw 730bp 4/0 hooks

    Looking for the old style 730 bp hooks that eagle claw used to make. I do not want the newer needle point hooks.
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