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  1. Veto

    Split Shots

    I never thought of the metal possibly being not as pure as advertised so I went with new lead from Roto Metals. From what I have read they are a good company with pure lead as advertised! I will dump and clean my pot and refill it with the new lead and go from there. Thanks again for the info everyone.
  2. Veto

    Split Shots

    ANYONE??? Is this unheard of or what?
  3. Veto

    Split Shots

    I need some advice with my split shots. I'm using 99.9% pure lead and my splits are still very hard to open and close. I'm using a Lee 20lb production pot and pure lead! Why are they so hard after pouring?
  4. I have not had time to try more ideas yet! Fishing opened yesterday here in MN... LOL
  5. I will try the mold release asap. As far as the temperature goes, I have turned the lead pot all the way up to 10 and from what I have been reading that should be roughly 950 to 1000 degrees F. I don't have a thermometer to confirm this though. I kinda think what Bassbull posted is what i'm seeing happening. The lead cast fine without a hook in the mold but when I insert a hook I'm losing the barbed collar. Sometimes the whole barb and shank and sometimes just the barb. I just don't know if I have the guts to start carving into my mold to let the gases escape!!
  6. Some good ideas to try next...My mold is a Do-it round head jig with barb Fatman! no inserts are involved... Smalljaw, I'm using the lee 20lb bottom pour lead pot and I have tried to increase the temperature to max without any change but I will try to put the pour spout tight to the mold next...
  7. I have not tried a mold release but I have smoked the molds although I know some people frown on it but I have found it to help especially when casting split shots!
  8. I'm using a do-it mold and it is the bottom of the jig head that is not pouring... I'm using pure lead 99.9%. Like I said my pre pours are coming out full but once i add the hook I get a shotty jig. I use the requested hooks by the mold also
  9. I'm having problems pouring small sizes jig heads. I heat m mold as usual and when I pre-pour the lead covers the whole jig but when I put the hooks in (pre-heated) I'm not getting the full pour of the heads... I have no problem with the bigger jig heads just the 1/8 and 1/16 sized ones.... Any ideas?????
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