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  1. So far I am liking the Rod Bond a lot, thanks Bob for letting us know about it.
  2. Bob, is that the actual name of the product? I am looking for something other than D2T that is less messy. I tend to get D2T on my fingers and all over the bill/bait.
  3. here is one I painted close to that color showing the back color i described
  4. Have not seen one in person, will have to visit the tackle shop. Based on pictures it looks like: thinned pearl white over entire bait black on upper portion thinned pearl yellow over the black (just enough to give a dark gold color) lightly dust peral yellow with detail or transparent sepia until it looks right thinned pearl plum on tail section lightly mist remaining pearl white area with iridescent blue. I will give one a go here soon and see how close I got it from a bass pro shop picture...
  5. try this: https://www.mckenziesp.com/Search.aspx?k=schedules you will have to click on a few to find the species you want.....not sure why they do not have an image
  6. most use something like krylon matte clear. I have read that it is not very durable though. If you want matte you will need to get away from water based paints.
  7. I am not much help on painting chrome or shiny gold but can offer some advice. Use the search function and look for chrome or gold. This site is full of valuable information, just a click away in most cases.
  8. better off practicing with airbrush than using marker/pens. Would be real hard to vary line size and color intensity with marker/pens. Try using frisket to make your stencil instead of holding it by hand
  9. Yes, that was primo stuff Swede sent some of us. I still have a couple of paulownia baits that i sealed with it. I have searched for it not so long ago but I need to resurrect my efforts.
  10. Yes it was....so easy to stir that pot.....
  11. I was just messing with you Skeeter! Didn’t think the others would pile on and restart an old, worn out topic!....
  12. What about Etex? I heard that is real good! Ok, ok...just kidding Skeeter! I love me some Devcon.
  13. would love to see the results
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