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  1. Thanks. I got about 10 or so I’m going to sell. They’re all in good shape. Not doing me any good anymore
  2. I have some Do-it molds I would like to put up in the Classified Ads. What is the best way to ship them? More than one and get the best shipping price. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone make there Chatterbaits weedless? All the ones I have and have seen are not weedless.?
  4. I sent an email hoping to subscribe.
  5. Wow all good suggestions! I was actually thinking about selling it, but now I'm not sure.
  6. I have a Craftsman Electrostatic gun. I think they are out of production. Never used it and I even picked up a few more powder canisters. It's been sitting in my basement for over four years. I haven't figured out a collection device for overspray. Was going to start powder coating spoons and blade baits but never got around to it. Another dust collector for me.
  7. Well I finally got to pouring the Swing Jigs. This tip by far worked the bast. That and Franford mold release and I was banging them out. 1/2 to 1 1/4 oz. thanks for all the help !!!
  8. I just searched EBay and there are lots of choices. It's been a while but I got 6 12" pieces for $5.99 free shipping. I can't remember the seller. It's been about 2 years though. I just cut the Teflon to 1" pieces. I got a pile of them now and they're still working great.
  9. Yep Jig Man that's pretty much what I came up with. Going to try to pour some later today. Thanks!
  10. Wow Jigman I was checking my mold out last night and thought that might be an option. Thanks!
  11. PaJay

    1/4 oz. Swing jig heads

    I am looking to buy just plain unpainted, no hook 1/4 oz. swing jig heads. Want this size but don't want to buy the mold. Thanks!
  12. PaJay

    Epoxy Top Coat

    Does anyone use some kind of clear epoxy or something else after the powder coat. If so what's your preference? Will any clear coating harm the powder coat?
  13. All are great ideas. I think with all the help you guys are giving I'll be able to make something work even take a little advice from each one or combined them. Cadman un-adhere works for mr lol !
  14. No problem on the pics Jig Man. Just one question though. Do you use just regular Wal Mart duct tape or something special?
  15. Thanks Cadman. The pics definitely help understand what I need to do. First one looks like a winter project.
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