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    Well i already have iwata high line with the mac valve on it but i need a second gun but cant seem to make up my mind on a bager Patriot or renegade the Patriot is supposed to be every day fishing the lure stuff where the renegade is supposed to be super ultra fine which would be best
  2. nick08

    Reducing Drying Time Of D2T

    Well I am still very new to all this but I had read somewhere that you can heat it up before putting it on will get most of the air bubbles out where u don't have to after well its a lie but I did get 30in epoxy to cure hard in about 3-4 min it also made it yellow an I thought I had done something wrong in that batch so I tried a gain with same thing anyone know why
  3. nick08


    How do u get that green to do that looks great
  4. nick08

    Recently foiled Holo waves

    Where do u get that foil
  5. nick08

    WP 20150406 23 50 36 Pro

    Don't know of any creatures it looks like but looks good enough for me to eat lol good job
  6. nick08

    20150412 232010

    Looks awesome
  7. nick08

    8 1/2 inch Flatshad

    What kind of paint did u use