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    Made to order, fully customizable soft plastics. 17 bait styles; 55+ colorants, scents, hi-lites, and flakes....everything you need to design your perfect bait -
  2. ive found the injection molds....but cant seem to come across any hand pour, aluminum, 2 cavity brush hogs thanks
  3. hi guys.....just started pouring my own baits.....started with worms.....ive noticed that the flat side of my worms look glossy as if store bought.....but the detailed part of the worm thats down in the mold is coming out dull......ive used a spray mog podge laquer to seal the molds but my baits are still coming out dull.....any advice.....thanks
  4. ChuckDiesel

    Painting Soft Plastics

    Very noob question im sure but can you buy unpainted or clear plastics...worms,lizards,craws,etc.......and paint them yourself?
  5. ChuckDiesel

    Painting Soft Plastics you know any sites where to buy any of the unpainted baits?