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  1. Possibly Pete, I am very impatient but learning to slow down. Thanks
  2. Hi guys, I hope someone can tell me why a foil wrap of mine has peeled /wrinkled under the epoxy. I’m relatively new to bait building. My current process is to print the pattern on tissue paper, glue that to aluminium foil, varnish to waterproof the ink and then wrap that onto the sealed wood. Lastly 3 coats of epoxy. I use a glue called Bulcotan (used in commercial boat building) for the seal, spray contact adhesive for the laminating and an epoxy I get from a local surfboard maker. It seems to be working well and holding up to plenty of fishing but I have 2 baits (done at the same time) where the foil has wrinkled under the epoxy. Almost like the bait has shrunk. For me its not a big deal because the bass won't notice but I have been asked to make some baits for other people and I would have for one of those baits that have a failure. Any advice would be appreciated. This is the wrinkle After it was made
  3. CraigC

    Swimbait, Carp

    Thanks JRammit, I used a printed picture laminated between 2 thin pieces of pvc. In the carp imitation, it is fixed to the bait but it makes the action a bit stiff so I added it as a joint on the later baits.
  4. CraigC

    Swimbait, Largie

    16cm wooded glidebait, hinged joint with laminated finish, waiting for epoxy coat
  5. CraigC

    Swimbait, Smallie

    16cm wooded glidebait, hinged joint with laminated finish
  6. CraigC

    Swimbait, Carp

    16cm wooded glidebait, hinged joint with laminated finish
  7. Hi guys, first post here. I thought I’d share a swimbait I’ve been tinkering with over winter. Hoping it get smashed come pre-spawn (now only about a month away). About 16cm ( 6 1/4 inches). made from wood. I used the laminated picture method as I don’t have an airbrush (nor the skills to use one). I’ve made a Carp and Smallie imitation and have a Largie getting ready for it’s epoxy coat. Bluegill and Tilapia imitations are next The main idea behind the design was for it to run just off the bottom (when fished off a Caroliner type rig). As it’s buoyant, it actually makes a good surface lure as well – obviously without any weight on the line. Here’s a quick video of it in the pool. Hopefully thing will warm up a soon and I can take it out for some bass.
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