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  1. Thanks guys! For all the info. I'm building a little larger box due to the fact I'll be working on Muskie lures. Just finished punching and de-burring the hole for the top plate this evening. Gonna see if I can get the box built in the next few days. Ed
  2. Thanks for the post Bob. I'm anxious to get it put together and experiment with it. I know those head shakes and looks from the wife. haha! I've seen them plenty of times.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated . Yeah I know I could adjust holes later. I mostly wanted to see if I was heading down a good path. I'm making the top out of 1/8" aluminum I had laying around. I've never used or even seen a vacuum box before snooping around in TU. Thanks again!!!! Ed
  4. Building a vacuum box for making stencils. I am laying out the hole pattern for the top. I have it laid out in a 1" grid. Just curious if this is consistent to what others are doing? I can easily put a hole in the center of the 1" grid to make it a 1/2" grid. Just thought I'd try and get ahead of the learning curve by asking before I built. First time posting on the site but want say thanks for the wealth of knowledge that is shared on here.
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