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  1. I have some crankbaits I thin are REB. But could be the newer "RAM" Richard Manley versions. Can anyone help me differentiate?
  2. Well I learned a lot last night from cutting some balsa. Just bought some cheap 1/4 inch sheets to play with. Learning the grain of the wood and which way to cut. I've found out it's a lot more difficult to cut the shapes than I previously thought it might be. One thing I've read is a lot of guys will "hand pick" their balsa blocks. Well my question is where do you go to get that stuff so you can "hand pick" it? Most places do t have a wide selection of balsa laying around. As for belly weights and bills, I have got that figured out.
  3. So I'm about to start creating balsa crankbaits. I'm needing some help. I have the shop, the tools to cut, shape, drill, and paint. But I'm needing materials, so some assistance on where the best place to purchase stuff would be great. I need Paint, circuit board material, lexan, ballast weights, wood, and some general knowledge questions answered. I really would like to make a high quality product that not only looks good but works good too. And LASTS. What I want to know is what are some of the best ways to...cut bills, insert bills and line ties as well as hook hangers, I want to foil baits, so any info on what works for you or products that you've used would be awesome.
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