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  1. Sealing Wood

    Let us know how it is today or after you paint one. Dale I wanted to add this. If you are paying premium prices for a product (Etex) use that for the eye of the user (fish too) and the sealing of the paint. Especially when there is a product out there that will seal the wood, but you never see, use that one when it's cheaper and it does the same thing other than the look. It does make my poplar harder in my opinion. I broke wooden blocks that had it on them and some not. Two things for the buck, since you fish for Musky's.
  2. Sealing Wood

    Yes sir, I dip them. I started brushing it on. As most as everything else it depends on humidity. It drys quick tho, and I wait till it's just hard enough to be able to touch but a little soft. I like doing this for tacking with the next coat. I guess that really doesn't matter tho, it's just something I do.
  3. Sealing Wood

    I doing ok, but not like some other years. Heck I haven't had a lot of time. Making baits tho.
  4. Sealing Wood

    By the way, it goes a longgggg way. If you are putting out a lot of baits, you may be good. Still I would like to know your opinion DoubleT.
  5. Sealing Wood

    I do all my hardware except for the bill. I want everything to be sealed in place. Becuase I don't do anymore to the sealing. Two coats normally creates a shell over the bait. This is when I sand. Howdy old buddy! Dale
  6. Sealing Wood

    This one doesn't feel tacky after full curing Gliders. I wrote about this when I first started. I put a bait underwater under water over night. Gauge the moisture of the lure in different location and found it to be the same as it was before. Y'all should remember my days of a Mad Scientist. Everything did had to be proven. Either way it doesn't really matter, I'll just keep on keeping on.
  7. Wire Size for line tie

    It's all in what you are going to fish for. I'm not a liker of brass wire, I really don't know why. Other than my like for ss so much. I am thinking about brass for ballast. But if your happy with it than that's great. What I'm finding out about bait making and painting there are some different ways to do the same thing. It's what you like and the only way to know is to give it a try AND new ideas. Dale
  8. Sealing Wood

    Well I agree with letting baits totally dry. Just try it DoubleT, give it time to dry. I've been using this product and for over two years. After using it I never thought about anything else. Just do a few and you'll know what I'm telling you. Other than me I have never seen anybody here using it. PM me once you give it a try. Take care
  9. Sealing Wood

    I would give it time from my experience. Something went wrong on some wiooden baits when I started making wooden baits, I take mine time and let each part cure. Sealing over night, paint scheme over night and top coat maybe several days. But when I'm at full speed making baits this doesn't interfere at all, there is to much going on to slow me down, Assembly line type building. This fall I'll start again. I've never seen aby air bubbles in this sealer. A slow stir and go in a few minutes. Heck it doesn't separate anyway. No stirring really needed. I keep it mason jars and labeled. Dale One more thing if you don't put them on a turner (if dipping), make sure you turn the baits slowly in the solution. You mentioned Etex, which makes me think you are using a turner. I use KBS and I do this with that. Air pockets can stay in the drill/hanger holes with the hangers in place. This solution will dry pretty quick to touch. Let me know what you think.
  10. Sealing Wood

    DoubleT, Minwax Wood Hardener works great. Cheap, brush it on or dip it. It seals the eye holes also. Hang it nose up if dipping and put a bent out paper clip on the tail hanger. Let it set for a day and sand it lightly (400). To make sure of something....we are talking about sealing the wood not the paint job right? If you are it's great for sealing the wood. More course wood I may wood put on more. I work with more dense wood. I put two coats on. It soaks into the wood on the first coat. I've got a few baits that are several years old, no water intrusion yet. I plan on using these in the spring, Striper run/spawn. I also test baits with this on it only. Dale ps, it does harden the wood. I took a framing hammer and gravel driveway on non finished and finish wood. You'll be happy with it.
  11. Who Wears A Respirator?

    Yep, Porkmeatballs. In time it can mess with your nervous system not to mention respiratory system. Don't be scared, just be respectful to what your dealing with. Be knowledgeable and protect yourself, you will be good. Dale
  12. Who Wears A Respirator?

    This is my take on this topic. Have you looked around your area that you paint at, then reach down on the table that you are working on and gently feel the objects in the area. Notice where you don't feel the paint droplets. How far do you feel the droplets from the paint area? Now how far is your face from that bait area. That point should be made. Any paints! Next know what paint that you are using. What are the microns that the paint puts out. Match your protection (PPE) to the paint solvents and microns particles. Dale
  13. Weight in a crankbait

    Well can't add much to Dave's comments. Number 1 he and others help me to understand these issues that I ran into. I came to TU thinking I had learned everything on YouTube to make a deep diving gizzard shad.........wrong!! First off, I agree make one change at a time. I didn't and got hung up because of it. I thought putting the tow eye out on a long bill and a angle close to perpendicular of the horizontal center line (x line). Well two out of three, plus weight location was a nightmare. I ended up with the tow near the nose on the bait. The bill change from 2" from the nose to about 1 1/2", still perpendicular to the center (I got right). Ballast moved way forward to a point the tail of the baits sticks above the surface. That bad boy will get down there now. I know it runs more than 25'. Yep, take one thing on at a time. Dale
  14. Wire Size for line tie

    ditto BobP, I agree about SS. I use 308, difference not worth talking about. After about 50-100 hanger/tow eyes I've finally really like how they turn out now. Dale