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  1. If your choice in hooks doesn't fit a mold but will fit the bait after made, think about modifing the mold. I have a person who likes 4/0 Eagle Claws. It didnt take much effort to change the mold to accept the hook. I agree with Smalljaws about certain size hooks. Real hard to tell sometime when the baits are finished.
  2. lol Dave I'll second that. To put up a booth, I have to move somthing upstairs. There's a problem with that......... there is no room up there. This may call for an addition. Addition for a paint booth just doesnt make sense. See what this hobby does to ya>>>>>! Confused/Dale
  3. There was a toy when I was a kid that you heated and vacuum the plastic into a shape. About 12+ years ago I started painted plastic baits. I made a plywwod box, drilled some small holes on the top and a large hole to fit a shop vac on the side. I used something similar to what you use as far as the film goes. There are vids on how to make one of these boxes and how to do it. A member here likes to use milk jugs, he says they work great, I haven't use one yet so I don't know for sure. Dale
  4. Yep Mark, I have made a few simular by hand and the semetry was fine. You have to have a good background in making baits by hand to do it. Heck I even made a lathe using a drill (hint, hint). Worked really well too, I used it mainly in making custome floats. I agree that a lathe is easier than by hand since I have started turning on a mini lathe myself (long time user on a full size). You just need a profile pattern cut out to keep you consistent each time. Something to think about and remember. Dale
  5. If you stay with water base paint any fan will move the particles away good enough. If you use paint with flammable base, you need to think about electrical system that is safe for that. Then you should think about a respirator that will protect you for what you are doing. There are some threads that we have discussed in datail, the way to make one. I found and read up about hoew to make av both and found a vid on youtube about how to make one properly. I also talk to a car body guy (high end painter). He gave me some good tips. I'm working on it now, nothing really special. Plywood, special fans, lights, filter to protect the fans, cutting, drilling, 4" duct and all whatever I need to get it right.
  6. Welcome and yep your materials just keep growing. What you got is never good enough.
  7. These are a few that I use. If I get an idea I'll make another, example I made an eagle head but haven't used it yet. I used some of these on this picture of a unfinish bait below. That's why I mentioned imagination. Dale
  8. If you are asking a detail question for help you can put a or few pictures to describe your question. Then I could reply with an answer and pic.'s to illustrate the answer. I'm not painting right now and dont have any pic's of stencils being used. I'm working on the house right now but if I go out there I'll get some pic's of some of my most used stencils and post them. I carve my lures so dont look for stencils that fit the side of a plastic lure. I can make them but I have had no need to do it and some time.
  9. You won't go wrong. I use other brand name brushes but this is a great one if thats what you are looking at.
  10. Az is right. What you can do is to post in the gallery and refer to a link to ask a perticular questions. Putting pictures in the forums can be looked on a advertising. These types questions are to general with a pic. Dale
  11. I am going to finish up a peacock bass scheme that was stopped because of an emergency at home. I dont consider myself as an expert but ill use as many stencils as needed. Painting layer after layer as needed that I have in my mind picture. That one I used 4 stencils in different ways. I'm starting another bait that will have an shadow effect eagle head on both sides with a waving red, white and blue across the bait. I'll use 2 stencils for that one. I use blocking stencils for other uses. I will do eyes using stencils over foils, tapes and paints. I use certain stencils I made for fins. Sometime ago I spent hours watching youtube and reading articles here and anywhere I could find info about this. After going through some time I started to see improvement. I set back and thought about what was making me better. Of course it was the info but now I see that it was putting what I saw into practice.....and that took time and practice. You already have a great foundation for this. You now need to refine it and you will just by doing the painting. You will come up with ideas that will work and ones that may not. As Gone2long has state your well on your way, Good Luck, Dale
  12. Been reading this thread and some excellent info. I dont deal with resins but I do carve blanks. As Ben suggested to me some time ago I try on certain baits to have a balance fall. Rising baits I allow the tail to be a little more buoyant. The vortex that Dave told me about I tried a 45° (actually a 90°) cut but I dont like a wide joint so I tightened up the joint and the bait swam so well that the following piece bang into the front piece. After that I started openning up the concave cuts. I feared that it would mess the action up. I found to leave somewhat of a skirt in front of a joint, it alllows the vortex to pass and not drop into a open joint, killing the action. I leave my joints at about 120° now and this allows the action to happen. Dale
  13. lol, yup Gone2!
  14. As I read the description I notice that you still have to cure like normal, for the powder. However this can help me while painting blades, jigs etc.
  15. I want to say everything that I've heard of or done......but its really falls back to time of just painting. To me its using certain materials with painting. Taps, leafing with a good paint job is fantastic. Learning to layer light coats of transparent over certain pearls are great. Low pressures has made a difference for me. I understand now that small amounts produces better paint jobs. Just like Gone2long has come close or did state, imagination will go a long way also. I'll put a picture of the bait fish in front of myself. This helps with more natural schemes, sometimes. Scales never really go to the belly area like the third pic. Most fade away near the belling. BUT.....that might be what you like and.....if it produces fish. You cant debate that anytime. I'll say this, you are doing very well. Keep painting, reading experimenting and imagining. Dale