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  1. Archimedes Dunk Test

    I'm sorry I did have that backwards. I had to go back and read what I posted. Never like adding dots on baits. Unless trolling in open water, is about it for sinking baits for me. When I'm in structure I want it to bump but then the bait can float above the structure rather than getting hung up. Also to me a bait moving even if it's just floating to the surface is better than setting in place. JMO, Dale
  2. Sweet gum?

    Yeah, I use nothing but poplar. I just make sure "white" (what I call it) poplar and at its optimum dryness. To much it has a tendency of cracking to much moisture and everything goes bad. If your going to time dry you will be waiting for a year or more of turning it every few months. I do that with specialty woods, walnut, cherry, oaks and cedars after oven drying. This allows the would to balance out. If you are going to clear the land, might as well get something out of it. Watch the fire place using gums. Dale
  3. Sweet gum?

    I was going to write more. This sums it up, it's not worth it for baits.
  4. Sweet gum?

    I'll give this question a try since I have got trees milled, buy from mills and know some about what wood to use for this particular wood. First off its not easy to get timber to a mill (suggest to talk to mill). Poplar or any woods have different qualities of wood. Ill break the wood down from Grade A. If you have high quality wood that we like to use, meaning no knots, limited grains, grains that run straight, mositure, etc. I look at the wood first to make sure that I got heart wood, not any sap wood. I call this white wood, because most poplar sap wood is a greenish wood. Mositure content is a big concern to me. When buying I pick the wood up and feel the wait while picking it up I look at the color and grain pattern. I'll tell you, I have bought, handled so much wood for this and furniture making that by handling it I can pretty much tell if I want it or not. I got to get the day started, read this and I'll look at this evening and answer you some more.
  5. Archimedes Dunk Test

    Vman and I have yapped about this some. It's a good way to get and idea of what you need. I have one that I made from a bucket and pvc pipe three or so years ago, Then I made one from a clear plastic fish tank and pvc pipe. I really don't use the tank for that anymore. I use it to watch the way the lure sinks or floats. I have given up on a true suspending lure. Vman and many other told me about why this is hard to do, this is why. I was testing some lures two years ago that would rise just a little. The weather got colder, the water got much cooler. I went back and the same lure sunk. The people explained that there are several conditions that can change the suspending lure. So I created most lures to float slowly. Unless someone wants a sinking bait.
  6. autoborn sealer white+ .35mm nozzel?

    I use a .35 Revolution at about 40psi for Autoair sealers. I don't like thinning a sealer to much so the fusion is at the highest quality. The dry tip happens occasionally, but not enough to bother me too much.
  7. KBS

    I have bought from where these people have mentioned. What I want you to know about. The first is I did what you are about ready to do, you should be happy. Second, read up on how to preserve it, I learnt from what Nathan has wrote. Three, wait if possible for discount coupons. Enjoy Also know about safety, ventilation.
  8. CAD and 3D printing

    LOL, isnt that the truth AA. Ok I'll tell my age, technology in the last four decades has been so rapid that it's mind blowing. For me the life of 3D Printing has only appeared in the last decade or two, other than science fiction. With the outlook of profitability as far time for the technology to catch up is why I stated I may never look at it as a way to make baits. That doesn't mean I'm no more intrigued. That is exactly what I was wondering about soild plastic molding/forming about buoyancy AA. Thanks
  9. CAD and 3D printing

    Looking good! Yeah keep us posted as you move forward. I'll probably never make baits this way, but I'm still interested. I'll assume you have installed ballast. Have you tested it yet? I'm curious in the buoyancy.
  10. Bob's tackle shop

    I agree with Travis. I just got out of a problem that Travis described with a small company. You just get too much BS sometimes from companies and some is true, just don't never know. I am staying with a very few smaller companies that I trust. I would call too, and pass on the info on good reliable companies. If I ever get on the case of one, your know I have a BIG gripe!
  11. Airbrush paint booth

    I have a air driven motor that I could make a fan for a booth. I've thought about doing it, but the delivery of air may not be worth it. I have a 50 gal tank. It's in the future maybe.
  12. Airbrush paint booth

    DDL, that refers to the motor overheating protection. Life of the motor is the protection, it's not about a sealed electrical motor.
  13. Airbrush paint booth

    That is always the best thing to do. X2 Mark
  14. Hello from new guy from GA

    So many here helped me to understand about wooden lures and how to build them. It's only fitting that I pass on what I have found that works for me. I don't get on every day anymore, but I get on as much as I have time to, always willing to help. My best advice is to be open minded!
  15. Airbrush paint booth

    Sudd, these booths are for water base paints. Thats where you come in, you need to know what fits your needs. So many buys without reading up on what they are looking for or asking questions like you are doing. I'll tell you about something pretty slick that one person did in his booth too. This guy put thin aluminum sheets inside of his booth. This is for clean up in overspray that doesn't get out the exhaust.