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  1. I’m interested in selling some of my jigs over Instagram. I’m just looking to break even just to have an excuse for the wife for why I need new molds/skirt material.

    I understand that profit or not I’m responsible for 10% FET quarterly and I can report it via IRS Form 720. My confusion comes in with Form 637.

    If I purchase all my skirt materials, hooks, powder etc etc at retail and I don’t claim anything as a loss/expense (which I don’t think I can anymore as a hobby,) can I just track sales in a simple spreadsheet and send in a 720 every 3 months for 10%?



  2. I’ve poured 1/8 and 1/16 weedless ball heads and 1/8 and 1/4 poison tails lead free with no issues. I’m using Rotometals lead free bullet casting alloy as they didn’t have the fishing specific alloy when I bought my ingots.

    I powder paint with a heat gun on high for 12-20 seconds depending on the jig size. I run the jigs over the gun until they become matte. Then I cure in a 300F toaster over for about 30min.

    Check out my results here:





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