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  1. 2018 Coolest Lure Contest Results!

    Thank you !!! I am honored to be in this group of excellent artist It was very fun and I enjoyed looking at all the custom work congrats to all who placed and everyone who entered !!!
  2. Looking for a lure blank

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a lure blank similar to a bagley DB3 ? thank you Jason
  3. AB98DE66-A2F9-4399-8022-91F3EC9A127E.jpeg

    Are you going to sell these by chance?
  4. Shelts fishing

    Anyone Know happened to shelts I went to the site and nothings there !
  5. IMG_5704.JPG


    ok , thanks sorry to hear only place I knew to get the circuit board little johns.

    Anybody have any info on what happened to ? I went to the site and it says closed for business! Jason
  8. Iwata Eclipse

    thank you for your help !!
  9. Iwata Eclipse

    I am thinking of buying a new airbrush and would like some opinions I was looking at the Iwata Eclipse can anyone help me out on this? Jason
  10. Unpainted lures little jons

    I am curious if anyone can tell me if the little jon blanks at are the one knocker style or the one with the BB's ? Thank you Jason
  11. unpainted husky jerk, or rogue type lures

    yes, I have
  12. unpainted husky jerk, or rogue type lures

    I am trying to find some husky Jerk or rouge type Blanks anyone know where I can get some? thank you Jason
  13. Custom Paint Job Orders?

    thank you all for your help!!!! Jason
  14. 1K Acrylic Clear Coat

    Curious about this what are you using exactly a auto clear coat ? and a " flash coat" pardon the dumb question but what is that also how well does it hold up so far and what is dry time? thanks Jason
  15. Custom Paint Job Orders?

    thank you for the response