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  1. I believe what you have is the Cotton Cordell CC Shad.
  2. that sounds like a interesting idea.
  3. Does anyone know where I could find instructions on how to print your own 3D printed stencils? I have the printer and have printed lots of things just would like to be able to make my own designs for my lures. Thanks
  4. Ok guys I have a question, my daughter has a 3d printer and says I can make whatever I want with it so My question is can someone walk me through how to make stencils for my baits ? This is a new thing for me but I would love to be able to do this. Thank you Jason
  5. I am considering trying this paint and was wondering if anyone has any reviews on it Jacquard Airbrush Paint ,here is the link www.jacquardproducts.com/airbrush-color.html.
  6. So I did try this and It does leave a beautiful Shine but it is a soft flexible coat even after 2 dips and hanging for 48 hours NOT a good lure clear coat HOWEVER it is a great product for boat this stuff really does restore the luster and shine to a boat, I have a 89 gemini bass boat and it shines like new WOW!!
  7. Has anyone ever used Toon Brite clear coat I see it is for marine use, says won't crack chip or peel or yellow and protects against UV! I know we are always looking for clear coat options and I saw this and am very curious . I mean this stuff is made to clear coat boats and is cheaper than most but I wonder if its ever been tested??
  8. been waiting on a order since 8/10 was told order was going to ship out that day and it never shipped sent multiple emails text and phone calls, had to get paypal involved and after they were unable to get a response from him they gave me a refund! worst customer service ever will NEVER recommend or order from again.
  9. I have they are really wierd you can almost see in his picture the have dimples like a golf ball all over the bait, bait runs good but does make a little different when painting to get smooth transitions with the dimples I order baits from him all the time but will not order those again ( customers didn't like the look of them either) however predators are very nice!
  10. Here's a tip after using a durable clear ( i dip in diamond coat) and it cures take nail polish clear in matte brush 2-4 coats and it will be matte and have the durability of the gloss
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