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  1. Bbob

    Hollow Belly Frogs

    Do anybody know how to make one?
  2. Bbob

    Popping Shad

    Does anyone make a lure like the elaztech popping shadz?
  3. Bbob

    Five Lures....go!

    Sorry guys. The worm is replenish-able but one color and style
  4. Bbob

    Five Lures....go!

    For me I go with a senko, hands down. Watermelon red is my favorite color 2. I go with a fluke. Watermelon red 3. I choose a strike king bitsy tube in pumpkin seed 4. A wizzer worm rigged wacky style 5. This is my flex spot. I'd do either a soft swimbait or a square bill crankbait
  5. Bbob

    Five Lures....go!

    If you had only five lures for a year, what would they be?
  6. Bbob

    Fat Ika Mold

    Dumb question. How do you fish a fat ika?
  7. Bbob

    Sports Or No Sports

    I couldn't stand Jim Schwartz. And the thanksgiving game challenge flag is something that I can't get over
  8. Bbob

    Sports Or No Sports

    Yeah suh leaving is something that hurt our pass defense but we were not going to pay him what he wanted lol. Sorry Miami but you got yourself into this
  9. Bbob

    Sports Or No Sports

    A hour south of the grand traverse bay
  10. Bbob

    Sports Or No Sports

    Sorry about your tight end.
  11. Bbob

    Sports Or No Sports

    Football and baseball. I live in the mitten state so I like the tigers and I tolerate the Lions. I remember the legion of boom so I also watch the Seahawks
  12. Bbob

    Homemade Injectors

    Thanks. I was going to make a mold that would accommodate a injector
  13. Bbob

    Homemade Injectors

    I was sure that I saw a similar topic a few weeks age but I can't find it in the search. Does anyone make injectors? I have a master that has details that can't be seen unless it's injected. Any thoughts?
  14. I have done this. Make sure that your molds are warm and then the plastic won't set up if you inject quick enough
  15. Bbob

    First cast

    Caught this on a hand poured craw in black and blue

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