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  1. izi lure

    GOT ME TOO 09 27 2015

    A 2 pounder stripe bass caught with IZI Lure Gold Series during salmon fishing at Dillons Point, Benicia CA. For IZI Lure description please see previous posting or checkout my album. Thanks!

    © izilure2015

  2. izi lure

    IZI LURE 2

    The IZI LURE GOLD SERIES. 3/4"-7/8" sun yellow lure body coated with a #153 deep yellow nail enamel polish after the body is completely dry and then finished with a clear nail enamel polish for shine. A #5 heavy polished brass french blade and a red surgical tail (the tail is smudge with a red permanent marker living the end tail lightly colored). A #2 Owners stinger treble hook is hold by a 0.031" open loop stainless steel shaft. "Another day of great fishing!"

    © izilure2015

  3. izi lure


    The lure body is a 7/8 oz. trimmed and shaped with a Dremmel tool to a become a 5/8 oz wt. body. Sanded to a smooth finishe and then dipped in canary yellow paint for metal and plastic application. Once completely dried, it is coated with a clear nail polish for shine. The stainless steel wire is .030" diameter with an open loop end for #2 blood red treble hook. The #5 french blade is a diamond-faced nickel finish. The skirt or tail is from a 1/8" diameter surgical tube, natural/amber color, cut and shaped with a hair salon scissor. The complete lure is about 3/4-7/8 oz. weight. The izi lure is also very effective for big stripper bass fishing. Fish on!

    © izilure2015

  4. izi lure

    GOT ME! 08 25 2015

    A 12 pound, 32 inches salmon caught with a home-made lure (named "izi lure").

    © izilure2015