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  1. Okay...I see that it's Oct. 1 is the deadline. LOL. I meant to write Sept. 30 above. I also see that we can upload anything for the purpose of displaying w/o the prize factor. I suppose I only want to do it for the prizes. I already made my lures for 2016's contest. I can't wait to show you guys. They're sickening this time.
  2. I thought this contest has an entry deadline of Oct. 30...How come people are still uploading? Does it still count? I mean looks like the upload option should be turn off by now. Just saying.
  3. I just want to say this is a great contest. I really enjoy posting. If they do this again, I will show you some other amazing lures next year. I do think I have some cool lures. I just wish the uploading process lets you post several pix on as one entry b/c I am one of those who accidentally uploaded several pix to one entry since I thought it operates like CL where you just keep uploading onto one section. I thought that's how some people collage their photos, but it does seem that have to use an app for that. I don't mind one pix but I wanted to show the process which you do to get to the end result. I think the owner has deleted my other picture entry in the same category. I don't see them no more and I have notified TU. I don't want to be disqualified. I didn't mean to do it like that. I just thought you can group the pix..but then once it is done, I couldn't find a way to delete them. With that said, I do apologize if I have upset people.
  4. This looks as simple as the picture shows, but it's more complex than it looks. It isn't just drilled into the rod handle, it also has a protrusion at the metal plate's end that also goes into the rod handle. It's solid and won't move. Another main reason why I build this is b/c I do a lot of jerkbait fishing and the thin rod handle would always fatigue my hand from jerking. This is my solution and it works perfectly. The concept is the alternative to the JB Custom rod's handle or the St. Croix Legend Xtremes'...
  5. LiloTroy2

    100 6062

    This is LiLoTroy2 and I just want to say this rat is hand craved from an exotic fruit tree in my back yard using the machete style giant knives. It is hand painted. The tail is screw on so you can switch out the tail to any worm you want Whenever you want b/c the other rats don't give you that option. As you can see, I have a Yamamoto Senko on in the pix b/c I find that tail to be most fitting. The ears are made of metal plates for that added attraction in the water in the sunlight. The eyes are bb's b/c lure rats don't have bb's for eyes and it gives it a realism unlike any other rat.
  6. Vodkaman, I know. I was just asking if I can get a confirmation from the support team so I can use a fishing lure I made that is very cool and unique in the Best Handmade category...but the category says no factory blank or whatever....so......I suppose I should be given the go since it is not from a fishing company nor is it a blank.
  7. Damn. Where do you buy one?
  8. LiloTroy2

    IMG 2836

    I can't believe that hand painted w/ brushes....
  9. I also have a question...Please do help me out. I have a lure that is in the category of handmade, but the item is factory made, meaning it does come out of a company but it isn't related to fishing...and I turned it into a fishing lure by breaking it down and rebuilding it like a lure. Would that still qualify me into the contest? I mean what if you take a doll from a particular brand and turn it into a lure? That's factory made, but it's not factory made fishing lure......so it would still qualify right??????
  10. You would have to login first...that helps....or create an account. My only question is how do we upload more than one pix of the same item so that we can show the many processes or angles? I didn't know how to do this so I posted three pix of the same thing in one category...I know it says post one item to one category but it's the same thing in various stages..Sorry about that. Hope it won't affect the outcome b/c I didn't post two different items anyhow...If I need to delete, please inform me. I will do so.
  11. LiloTroy2

    The American Worm

    Hand poured this American flag color...Thought it would work well...I didn't like the Firecracker color so I had to go with this more intense color.
  12. I welded this custom thumb rest from metal I bought from a home improvement store. I wanted my spinning rod to have leverage...and I wanted feel of a baitcaster...so this is what I came up with.
  13. I made this rooster tail to make the ultimate flash. I used a prop and I connected a blade at he end.
  14. This is a LC Pointer which I handed painted into a Clown fish. I also made a custom trailer using rooster hackles.
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