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  1. Yes congrats to the winners ! For those who have requested the pictures, here are the 3 winners for : Best Custom painted hardbait : 1 - Herringbaitballswimbait 2 - Antique Treasure Craw on Lipless 3 - Ugly Duckling Best homemade hardbaits 1 - Battery Powered vibrating cicada 2 - Skunk Creeper 3 - Glide Perch Best soft bait 1- swankx guizmo2 2 - Fluke style bait with marabou tail 3 - Bogs topwater rats
  2. The Fat Pike Swim is the best homemade lure by YOD LURES A 25 cm swimbait for almost 220 gr 100% homemade with silicon molds, resin, and custom airbrush painting Lure articulated in 5 parts with a soft tail and fins also homemade 1 week work for each lure This big bait was designed for pike biggest specimens fishing Check out the video :


  3. The Jerkbi-J Medium is a 18 cm jerkbait for around 70 gr This custom paint is the Green Fluor Scales color The lure and painting are entirely handmade by YOD LURES Lure resin (cast in silicon molds) and airbrush painting This lure is designed for pike fishing and other predators like perchs, zanders, black bass Check the video :


  4. lulu-yodlures

    Fight shad

    The Fight Shad is a 17 cm soft bait for around 30 gr completely homemade by YOD LURES and made in France We started with a wooden master, and then we produce silicone molds and then the liquid plastic with different colors and attractants This lure is designed for pikes and other predators hunters Check the video :


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