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  1. one-off baits

    The lies about salt for the newbie

    I addressed the sink rate and castability with salt. I was only addressing the hype issue when I typed that. It is a misleading fib that keeps getting passed around from generation to generation. As a bait maker, I do care. I do not make baits as a means of income and only make for myself and a few friends. It's not making much sense to me what you said by you'd rather use 20 baits for 20 bass than 19 bass on 1 bait. It might be just me but it seems illogical
  2. I thought about doing this since I didnt want to play with metal even though it was possibly safe for the microwave. I used the more firm MF silicone to make 1/4" thick slab divider. Then i melted plastic in the pyrex and cut it in half after it cured to use as a template for the silicone divider. I took a diamond file to the glass where the red gasket silicone would contact the glass for a better grip. Put it all together a veolia! Here come the swirls
  3. one-off baits

    Is BTS back up and running

    If I can come up with the money I'll get myself a machine and make some awesome fresh bait molds for you guys
  4. one-off baits

    Color Concentrate drop injection pics and question

    Okiedoke. I'll give it another shot soon. The colorant was a little on the thin side. This time I'll also make sure the hand poured part is hot when I put the color drop on to also see if that helps. Last time I just put some pre-poured brown pearl backs into the mold when I started
  5. one-off baits

    Color Concentrate drop injection pics and question

    I guess this must be a closely guarded secret
  6. one-off baits

    Color Concentrate drop injection pics and question

    Whats the best method for getting better streaks? Does the hand poured half of the bait need to be hot when the colorant drop is put on it? I don't know what this technique is called to search?
  7. one-off baits

    The lies about salt for the newbie

    It' not a special process or ingredient so I see why they dropped it
  8. When you pour with the divided cup, hold it about 6" above the mold and let the tiniest stream flow out (smaller than a toothpick if you can).  That will let the colors mix better.

    1. one-off baits

      one-off baits

      Thank you! I'm going to try it tomorrow morning

  9. one-off baits

    The lies about salt for the newbie

    Oops, I forgot they sprinkle some on the bottum of the bait before it cured
  10. I tried my first attempt at getting a color streak/vein with some clear belly injection baits. From what I remember reading a few years ago was that I'm supposed to put a droplet of color at the tip of the bait on top of the half I hand poured then inject the 2nd color. These didn't turn out like I had hoped. I had 2 out of the eight baits turn out, somewhat, okay. I had those pearl brown parts already hand poured days before I tried this so they weren't hot at the time. I just threw them in the mold and put a drop of blue on each one and then injected. Did that play a role in this? The 2nd photo is one I found on this site that I loved and was aiming for a similar drag of the color drops underneath my brown back color. (even though I didn't use all clear)
  11. one-off baits

    First time with divided cup (pics)

    Thank you stankx bait co for offering a microwave safe, metal free divided cup. I didn' have confidence in myself to make sure to microwave proof the metal lol. First try at swirls didn't come out like I'd hoped. They came out mostly left and right colors. I'll pour with the mold at a 90 degree angle differently next time.
  12. one-off baits

    The lies about salt for the newbie

    Alsworms- yeah confidence helps. But there are so many factors when it comes to comparing front and rear of boat fishermen. The guy up front has the advantage to hitting the better spots first but I've sometimes spanked the guy in the front of the boat using the same baits because of lure placement, technique, and probably tons more variables that I couldn't see. Also I've seen some weird things in clear water and I can imagine they're exaggerated in stained water. I've seen dormant fish become active when a bait came through and then hit the 2nd bait to come near. Also seen baits go behind a fish that's in some cover and they ignore it but when the bait is presented in front of them they became interested. Spoonminnow- yeah this "record" fluke was at a time when i was adding some hardener to baits that didn'T need flexibility. Still a dang good run though lol
  13. one-off baits

    The lies about salt for the newbie

    This is a topic that many of my fishing buddies have asked about when they want me to make them a few packs of baits. I answer them the same way every time Most makers all know and understand that salt is good for modifying the sink rate and helping some baits cast farther when weightless (trick worm for example). But do y'all (after years of fishing your own baits) still believes the flim- flam that salt causes bass to hold onto the bait longer? Do I? Not a single bit. Why? Because every one of my saltless baits gets swallowed when I let them have it too long. So why is this believed even though salt is not a natural flavor to a bass? Because big bait makers needed a way to cheapen their baits. Needed a filler. They can make nearly 2x the baits with the same amount plastic and they needed it to be justified in the fisherman's eyes. With the way fishermen are superstitious it helps baits sell when there's a makeshift "edge" to the bait, right? P.S.- my saltless baits last for a very long time. The record so far is 32 bass on one fluke style bait.
  14. one-off baits

    Help: Heating silicone molds for large laminates

    Hey that's pretty good!