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  1. I'm looking for these discontinued optimum baits. The color doesn't matter any. I'd be willing to trade for any custom softbaits I make (will send a list to you) or buy them from you.
  2. Does anyone know what the raw material is and if us hobby guys can get it and use it in our plastisol setups?
  3. The plaster sounds like a great idea
  4. I've searched for a few days on here and haven't found a good answer yet. I've learned though that it must be sulfur free. What kind of clays do you guys use? I figure it must be somewhat soft to be able to push the soft plastic master down in it?
  5. Awesome. Thanks guys for all of your help
  6. How do I keep ballast weight from sitting on bottom of my cavity?
  7. SQUIRREL!!!! Lol I'll ask one more time I guess. I'm molding my bait around a small metal rod(ballast slides on rod). How do I keep my ballast weight from sliding all the way down the rod and resting on the bottom of my cavity.
  8. Thanks for all the valuable infpr guys. One more thing. ... how do I keep the ballast in place while I pour. What I mean by that is how do I keep it from being slid all the way down to the very bottom of the metal rod?
  9. Ahh. So how can I keep the ballast weight in place when pouring??
  10. So would you suggest using a small metal rod to mold the hole in the bait and then later slide a sleeve in like say maybe a small coffee straw?
  11. What's cotton buds? Yeah they will be soft plastic and I don't know how to mold a ballast weight in. So a sleeve will work pretty good? I guess I could pour with a metal rod and then slide sleeve in after the bait cures??
  12. I have multiple big swim bait molds I have made. All are too big (8"-10")for my 10/0 swim bait hooks so I would like to try to rig them for line through. How would you guys suggest I rig these baits or molds for this. Some molds are resin, some silicone.
  13. Thanks for the tips guys. A lot of my masters will be soft plastics without a clean flat side. Yeah that's what I've been doing(using the 30lb double sided tape with a few drops of super glue gel for reinforcement lol. I guess I'll try degassing pre-pour and see if that'll do.
  14. Thanks man. About the glued down bait theory...there will be bubbles beneath the lure when I pour the silicone and vacuum it. Think they will expand enough to cause issues?
  15. Go to Walmart and get you a pan of adequate size, 30lb double sided tape, fiberglass resin, Vaseline(for lubing pan), and alcohol( for cleaning bait before taping down)