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  1. m_vandorn

    IMG 0731

    This one is a slow sinker. I am able to weight it to sink at different rates of speed. I can also make it float. I've not been able to test how well it swims yet.
  2. m_vandorn

    Battery Powered Vibrating Glide Bait

    One of my latest battery powered vibrating lure with YUM 3" grub soft bait tail. Glidebait
  3. m_vandorn

    Battery Powered Vibrating Glide bait

    One of my latest battery powered vibrating lure with YUM 3" grub soft bait tail. This is a glide bait showing the battery compartment opened.
  4. m_vandorn

    IMG 0731

    One of my latest battery powered vibrating lure with YUM 3" grub soft bait tail. Flat nose.
  5. m_vandorn

    Battery Powered Vibrating shaky minnow

    One of my latest battery powered vibrating lure with YUM 3" grub soft bait tail. This shows the battery compartment opened.
  6. m_vandorn

    Buzzin' Baits

    Thanks fishon-son, A jitterbug would be great and like you I think a spook with a motor would also be a fun lure to fish with. In fact, I've been working on a spook like lure with a softbait swim tail attachment. As for going the China rout, I will not be doing that, although, that is what most large lure companies do. The truth is, there are some very good China manufactures. There are also a lot of companies in China that make junk. I think the biggest problem in dealing with companies in China is the theft of intellectual property. Since I started the Buzzin Baits thread, I have decided to change directions and go the way of custom bait design and sales. It won't make me rich but it is something I really enjoy doing. There is a lot of room in the marketplace for people that like to create and sell their products. I am really glad to share what I've learned and look forward to seeing what others might do with this idea. My next project is larger lures, not topwater but one that can be used for pike and saltwater fishing. I've just completed testing with different batteries which provide much longer run time. When I complete the first one, I'll be posting pictures and how-to information in this same thread. Thanks again fishon-son
  7. m_vandorn

    Battery Powered Vibrating Cicada GIF file Vibrating in the water

    I just learned how to do it from my son. You can make a very short video of up to 5 seconds and turn into a GIF file, for free, on MakeAGIF.com website.
  8. I thought I'd try to make a GIF file to show how the lure vibrates on the water.
  9. m_vandorn

    Buzzin' Baits

    Here is a video of several solar powered lures and the battery powered vibrating cicada shown vibrating in a small tub of water.
  10. m_vandorn

    Buzzin' Baits

    LOL! Perhaps a new category for the cool lure contest.
  11. m_vandorn

    Buzzin' Baits

    I know I didn't explain well what I planned to do with the sound from an mp3 player. Yes, I might try music as a test, but my real thought was to create a steady humming sound and test different frequencies to see if there is noticeable differences in the way fish react. I liked the idea of an mp3 player because it can be programmed with what ever sounds I chose. The plastic bag idea gives me cause to go back to the bobber that I used with the 555 timer circuit. The fact that your system could possibly play music made me think of the mp3 player. Thank Mr. Salamander, you have brought a lot of food for thought to the forum. Thank you, Michael
  12. m_vandorn

    Buzzin' Baits

    I can't wait to find out how it goes.
  13. m_vandorn

    Buzzin' Baits

    Dave, Will the other 49 competitors be using lures also? From what JRammit says, a lure might not stand up to other conventionally used baits, at least here in the US that is.
  14. m_vandorn

    Buzzin' Baits

    Sorry, Vodkaman. I failed to address that last question, regarding the mp3 player, to you as well, since you two seem to be the most knowledgeable electronically.
  15. m_vandorn

    Buzzin' Baits

    Please forgive my ignorance Slimy but, in a larger lure, Is it possible to include a very small mp3 player? I know it may sound silly, but I've seen some really small mp3 players with rechargeable battery included. Could it be that the sound amplification circuit would be to large? Also, regarding the pumpkin seed shape of your lure, other than the motor vibrations, what is it that attracts them? As a kid, we use to catch catfish or the smelliest bait we could create. I had no idea catfish could be attracted to lures, until I was informed of it by the guy that used my lure. Michael